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11 days ago 2020-06-29

Books and cultural projects


I would like to write books for little children, to ilustrate them, to derulate cultural projects.

11 days ago 2020-06-29

payroll, finance and accounting, budget, reconcil


AVAILABLE TO WORK IMMEDIATELY, SALARY EXPECTATION OF $2500 minimum. skills offered, payroll management, account management, auditing, budgeting, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, financial ana…

11 days ago 2020-06-29



Hope for a good job on Administrative and customers services

11 days ago 2020-06-29

Human Resource assistant/Customer Service represen


Customer Relationship Services Human Resources Management Salary: 50,000 and above

11 days ago 2020-06-29

Cyber Security Analyst


billionair scale

11 days ago 2020-06-29

Brand Manager


I would gladly offer my services in helping companies grow their brand awareness, I am a visionary type of person, I am a perfectionist and sometimes very demanding when it comes to user interface and…

11 days ago 2020-06-28

Supermarket Manager

Sheikh Waqar

I want to be a manager on mega Super Store.

11 days ago 2020-06-28

Virtual Assistant


I would love to work for your company from home. I think that I would satisfy your requirements of the position of virtual assistant.I am proficiency in spoken and written English. I have ability to …

11 days ago 2020-06-28

I would love to work in the automotive industry.


I´ve always design cars, I love to portrait some characters into cars, and enjoy a lot of creaing shapes and materials. I just would like to participate in a team to develop the vehicles of the future…

12 days ago 2020-06-28

Human Resources Assistant or Graduate trainee


Sadiq Ramat is an experienced Human Resources Assistant with 1 year experience in Recruitment and Selection, Training and Career development, Grievance handling procedures, Key Performance index, Moti…

12 days ago 2020-06-28

Contract management Legal advisor PR expert


- Management of the conditions of the contract; - On behalf of the company, i would like to participate in completing the tendering documentation related to the project if will carried out the tender…

12 days ago 2020-06-28

Financial/Investment Analyst, Business Analyst


Enthusiastic business developer with a strong network in the national and international IT field, I am enthralled by meeting new people and connecting the dots so as the relationship renders win-win o…

12 days ago 2020-06-28

Administrative officer


Effective administrative officer a

12 days ago 2020-06-28

Mechanical Engineer


I am currently available and actively searching

12 days ago 2020-06-27

Communication, Proofreading, Editing, Writing,


I graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Science in Communication. I am looking for full-time work in Indianapolis that is related to the communication field with r…

12 days ago 2020-06-27

Account Officer, Audit Officer or Admintrative


I'm currently searching for a job in Malta that is,a suitable position that offers lots of opportunity for career development and also makes best use of my existing skills and experience.

12 days ago 2020-06-27

Wish to be in the position of an Accountant


wants to be one of the best financial analyst, contribute to organization for a healthier financial and liquidity as well as a sustainable financial position.

13 days ago 2020-06-27

Laboratory Technician


I am a self motivated individual who has developed a responsible approach to any task undertaken with my skills and competencies keen to join a company that offers enabling platform to actualize my ca…

13 days ago 2020-06-27

data analysis


Looking for new challenges and growth opportunities. I would like to learn new skills in the economic field. I am a logical person and i like to work with numbers and data analysis.

13 days ago 2020-06-27

Sarjana Hukum


Bekerja memiliki prinsip Intergritas yang tinggi Care terhadap rekan kerja Respect kepada semua baik rekan maupun konsumen berinovsi dalam menyelesaikan pekerjaan saya orang yg sangat sistematis t…