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4 days ago 2020-07-06



I would like to work for a contract for a salary ranging from $40-$75 am a hard working person. With good qualities.

4 days ago 2020-07-05



My wishes are selected according to the skills I have and I'm always available at your service.

4 days ago 2020-07-05

I want to work in airport or in any office


I have great wish to work abroad

5 days ago 2020-07-05

Customer service relations


I've been more on customer service sector, I've worked for airline for 5 years which is Comair Limited its a great company. I've worked longed hours, currently I am available as soon as possible. righ…

5 days ago 2020-07-05

critical care nurse


I am a Romanian SRN with almost 24 years of nursing experience.

5 days ago 2020-07-05

c# developer in southern california


My dream is to work as C#/.Net developer for a southern california based company ( San Diego , Los Angeles , Orange County areas ) . I can provide 20 years of software development and more than 10 ye…

5 days ago 2020-07-05



I wish to take up Accounting internship job with the salary negotiable. I will be available once am hired.

5 days ago 2020-07-05

Administrative personnel

Sarah onyinyechi

I wish to apply for the post of a n HSE Officer in your organization , currently being advertised on your company website. Please find enclosed my CV for your consideration. As you will see from my a…

5 days ago 2020-07-05

Marketing Graduate Role


As a recent Marketing graduate, I am dynamic, hard-working and enthusiastic about learning and challenging myself. I am pursuing a role in marketing or recruitment.

5 days ago 2020-07-05

Job search.


I am a Bachelor degree of Science graduate with extensive experience in computer networks, computer systems and technical support. Some of my interests include wireless networking and telecommunicatio…

5 days ago 2020-07-04

IT Business System Analyst


My major is System and Business Analysis, in which I have experience for more than 12 years. Before becoming a full-time Analyst, I worked as an application developer. I’ve got excellent skills in …

5 days ago 2020-07-04

Entrepreneurial and business minded Engineer


Am an engineering graduate from Coimbatore,Tamilnadu. Also have experience in business and marketing, so I can work in engineering, marketing as well business kind of jobs. Expecting a salary of minim…

6 days ago 2020-07-04


Antonio maulana

Ingin bekerja di luar negri

6 days ago 2020-07-04

Virtual (remote) assistant position wanted


Please see resume for my skills and services I can offer your company.

6 days ago 2020-07-03

Human Resources


i wish to have a Human resource job, and salary shouldnt be below $300 monthly

7 days ago 2020-07-03

Assistant Accountant


Seeking a position where extensive experience will be further developed and utilized. salary not preferred but working environment matters alot. salary could be negotiable.

7 days ago 2020-07-03

Graphic Design


I have extensive experience of writing and communication acquired during my studies (Master of Science in Visual Communication). I m also passionate about the world Adobe, has always teaching, design …

7 days ago 2020-07-03

If you love your job, waking up early is easy.


Available immediately. I can provide a flexible yet planned strategy for your sales team or planning team. I am very easy going and hold vast experience in the retail industry focused of sporting good…

8 days ago 2020-07-02



Availability: Immediate

8 days ago 2020-07-02

supervisior in production


Forward-focused professional offering a career of over 26 years in directing the entire gamut of production / operations, project management and process enhancement with key focus on top-line and bott…