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3 days ago 2020-01-15

Sales lady


I would like to work in a retail for part time because I'm a student in need of money. My wish salary would be R4000

3 days ago 2020-01-14

Accounting/ Administrative Officer


I can work in any of the sector. I am ready to make myself available as at when due or anytime i am called upon. Then, for salary, i will appreciate you to pay me what your company or organisation is…

3 days ago 2020-01-14

taking survey /customer service


working from home would make me available at the needed time for the work since it would have to to with typing or creating something using the system (application). my expected salary is in the range…

4 days ago 2020-01-14

Consultancy Projects in Social Business


To work on an International Development project as a consultant. I believe my set of skills and diverse work experience will allow me to excel in such work environment.

4 days ago 2020-01-14

SAP Consultant


Available within 2 months

4 days ago 2020-01-13

Customer service


I wish to be a customer service officer in a reputable organisation.i am currently unemployed and will be available for employment immediately.wish to be paid nothing less than 1200 Ghana cedis a mont…

4 days ago 2020-01-13

Localization Expert; Team Lead; Project Manager


Translation and localization, linguistic review and quality assurance, project management

4 days ago 2020-01-13

Polish Speaking Recruiter


I'm looking to join a multinational and dynamic team - company with friendly, supportive and fun-loving culture!

4 days ago 2020-01-13

My dream job


I am looking for a dynamic team and well-structured organization to work with - one that offers opportunities for growth and value creation and addition I desire to work in a conducive, non-toxic e…

4 days ago 2020-01-13

Work as an waitress


Am going to work with confidence and as for my salary want to save some money to further my studies am a very patient person and am a hard worker

5 days ago 2020-01-13

Team Leader


I would love to continue my proffessional background as a Team Leader, building strong, independent and motivated team and leading them to sky-high results. I am available immediately and my salary …

5 days ago 2020-01-13

accounting / bookkeeping / billing

Catherine Grace

Visa Support

5 days ago 2020-01-12

Work in organisation of music/cinema event


I would like to work either in pharma industry (marketing) or in entertainment industry (event organiser) in Zurich.

5 days ago 2020-01-12

Purchasing/ Procurement Manager


I would like to have a job in a managing position in Procurement/ Purchasing.

5 days ago 2020-01-12

Human resourse or a graduate trainee


I just concluded my NYSC, I'm looking for a graduate trainee opportunity or to work with a HR company that would help me grow on the job and increase my knowledge and skill. I have some leadership sk…

6 days ago 2020-01-12



will working in any project and sallary IDR 15.000.000

6 days ago 2020-01-12

I'll like to work in multinational companies


I have a niche for ensuring that customers I encounter leave happily and satisfied. I have a high level of interpersonal relationship and can multitask as well. I am a solution provider as well as…

6 days ago 2020-01-12

PHOTOGRAPHY (Comercial, food, portrait, corporate)


Part time comercial, food, portrait, corporate photography, etc.

6 days ago 2020-01-11

Would love to work in manufacturing or hospitality


Wish to work in manufacturing environment or hospitality sector, willing to start immediately.