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3 hours ago 2020-01-19

Social area, data collection


It has been several years that i have worked in civic social area and I wish that I continue to contribute in this field based on my experience. I can also work as a data collector that I had experien…

13 hours ago 2020-01-19

Commissioning Manager


I am Commissioning Manager, leading the Mechanical Completion, Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and start-up of the plants, specialist of Instrumentation and Control System. Now I am wor…

13 hours ago 2020-01-19

Administration Assistant


Available now.

15 hours ago 2020-01-19

Global training and change manager new to Barcelon


Global training and change Manager who has implemented solutions in all corners of the world. Cutting edge methods and design, proven success with some of the largest global companies. Over 15 years e…

1 day ago 2020-01-18

Software engineer


Move to Europe. I fully commit to the company that helps me in the process.

1 day ago 2020-01-18

Accounting, financial reporting


Accounting, financial reporting

1 day ago 2020-01-18

Manager, Team Leader


I wish to become part of a great company where I can use my experience and skills to deliver high standards and grow professionally.

1 day ago 2020-01-18

Financial advisor


Hi, I'm Mike. I worked for North'n'Loans https://northnloans.ca/ as a financial advisor. This company is dedicated to connect people with direct lenders.

1 day ago 2020-01-17

want to work abroad


I want to work hard that's why I want to work abroad. I'll be available for your firm to offer my services. Doesn't matter how's my salary.

2 days ago 2020-01-17

Accounts Officer, Sales Manager, Manager


Available to start a new challenge. I have experience in Administration , Sales and Accounts.

2 days ago 2020-01-17

environmental engineer/technician


looking for full time job.

2 days ago 2020-01-17

To get good job as a fresh graduate


Willing to work in an organization where I can learn further and diversify my knowledge, skill and potential in effective manner to transform myself in a competent professional. I have also desire to …

2 days ago 2020-01-17

Human Resource officer


I am a professional in human Resource management and general administrative duties which I am willing to offer my services to your organization by ensuring that in this regards your organization will …

2 days ago 2020-01-17

Production planner , Analyst , Cost controlling


PRODUCTION PLANNER -Coficab Group -managing the production planning process according to forecasts and customers orders to guarantee capacity adequancy and production requirements -stock and sales a…

2 days ago 2020-01-17

.NET Core projects


I’m open to work part-time (~10-15h/week), remote, R&D projects, .NET CORE architecture/development (no legacy, no maintenance).

2 days ago 2020-01-17

Virtual Assistant


I wish to work part time from home after my day job. I need at least $300/ month in salary for a maximum of 30 hours/week.

2 days ago 2020-01-17

I offer hard work and willingness to learn


I wish to have a sponsor to get the work visa in Europe to be able to continue my studies and my life in a continent more stable than South America

3 days ago 2020-01-16



I'm finished BA.,MA.,MPhil.,( History )PGDCA., (Computer science ) & currently finished BL.,( Law ) and More then 11 years senior Management Level Experience and Mild PWD Person (Left hand & Left …

3 days ago 2020-01-16

Digital Marketing specialist


Looking for new career opportunities within digital marketing in Lisbon.

3 days ago 2020-01-16

Football jobs


I hope its possible to work at an office for football analticus.