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2 hours ago 2021-05-14

New Goals


I am a very curious person, and with great pleasure in working and learning new things. It does not matter, everything is part of my personal and professional growth. I try to always improve my failur…

6 hours ago 2021-05-14

To kickstart my professional career in any firm.

Fatai Omeiza

I'm interested in channelling skills in any firm and I look at developing myself professionally to enable me to deliver excellently in your organisation. I'm open for personal interview where we can d…

6 hours ago 2021-05-14

CEO, General Plant Manager


In my long professional career, I covered several senior managerial positions as: General Plant Manager, Research and Product Development Director, Industrial/Operations Director, working for Worldwid…

12 hours ago 2021-05-14

Cruise ships / air hostess


I am a motivated professional with customer service proficiency and extensive Spa Concierge experience. I believe that my professional background and industrialist drive make me an ideal candidate …

18 hours ago 2021-05-13

Social area, data collection


It has been several years that i have worked in civic social area and I wish that I continue to contribute in this field based on my experience. I can also work as a data collector that I had experien…

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Training Coordinator/Manager


+ 15 years in Performing Arts, Education and Project Management, I am proud to be passionate about people. Constantly appointed in Leadership and Professional Development initiatives. Multicultural…

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Administration Officer

Victor Vincent

I'm available always

1 day ago 2021-05-13

IT consulting, Cyber Security, Data Protection


I propose on the table actionable services in a remote or temporary on premise; my own company Cyber Service Broker delivers CIO, Privacy, Project Management, Education, Human Resources, Vendor manage…

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Commissioning Manager


I am Commissioning Manager, leading the Mechanical Completion, Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and start-up of the plants, specialist of Instrumentation and Control System. Now I am wor…

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Systems developer


I am a young vibrant who is eager to meet new challenges in a working environment don't hesitate to contact me thank you.

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Administration Assistant


Available now.

1 day ago 2021-05-13

I would like to work in a sports field or IT field


I am looking for a part-time job.

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Global training and change manager new to Barcelon


Global training and change Manager who has implemented solutions in all corners of the world. Cutting edge methods and design, proven success with some of the largest global companies. Over 15 years e…

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Help desk


I am a Portuguese language expert with 10 years of experience.

1 day ago 2021-05-13

Freelance Advertising Copywriter


RE: Freelance Copywriter job opening I have been an advertising copywriter since 1973, starting at a small agency in New Jersey. In 1976 I was recruited by a New York City agency, thus I embarked on …

1 day ago 2021-05-12

Sales and Marketing Manager


Available immediately (retrenched in December )- salary around R43 000pm =benefits I'm loyal, passionate, committed and dictated to my job, my company and the people I work for and with. I am ABSOLU…

1 day ago 2021-05-12

User Experience Designer


UX/UI Designer

1 day ago 2021-05-12

Software engineer


Move to Europe. I fully commit to the company that helps me in the process.

1 day ago 2021-05-12

Accounting, financial reporting


Accounting, financial reporting

2 days ago 2021-05-12

User Support\IT System Admin


Looking for new opportunities in an international environment which helps and supports continuous learning which I love to do, also be part of projects which will push me more and never say no attitu…