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6 hours ago 2019-07-17

accounting / bookkeeping / billing

Catherine Grace

Visa Support

16 hours ago 2019-07-16

Work in organisation of music/cinema event


I would like to work either in pharma industry (marketing) or in entertainment industry (event organiser) in Zurich.

16 hours ago 2019-07-16

Purchasing/ Procurement Manager


I would like to have a job in a managing position in Procurement/ Purchasing.

1 day ago 2019-07-15

Key Account Manager


I would like to undertake a working relationship with your company that is sure of yours Leadership in the market, as I currently work as Key Account Manager and I am enrolled in the Register of Indu…

2 days ago 2019-07-15

Mystery Shopper


I would like to establish a working relationship with your company that is up to yours Market leadership, because today I play the role of the seller for high quality Coffee products and energy prod…

2 days ago 2019-07-15



Expected to work in Canada

2 days ago 2019-07-15

My wish to get job in canada or other countries li


I like to work in abroad countries like canada and salary not need much its ok to survive there.

2 days ago 2019-07-14

Applying for any suitable job position or opportun

Mohammad Wajid

Any job opportunity I am a versatile employees thrives from drilling and with production crews in offshore and onshore with fast pacing learning strength I am a versatile employees.

3 days ago 2019-07-14

Project manager


Project management

3 days ago 2019-07-14

Product Manager


Project and Product management consulting - remote activity

3 days ago 2019-07-13

Accounting, Administrative work, Post Graduate .


Any Accounting job. My salary expectation is GHS 2500 depending on the location.

3 days ago 2019-07-13

I wish to have a good paying job


Iam available even now, the salary is based on the organization

4 days ago 2019-07-13

French customer service


Je désire travailler en service à la clientèle francophone en plénière temps avec un salaire de 1500€ par mois.

4 days ago 2019-07-12

Administration, Customer Service or Procurement


Civic and social organisation with customers Service or Purchasing role My skills include; Good communication skills, results Oriented person,a quick learner,Good team player and have good time manag…

4 days ago 2019-07-12

Bank account


Easy job

5 days ago 2019-07-12


Luke Paa Mensah

Manage the Quality Assurance Department. I am readily available. Expected salary is $750

5 days ago 2019-07-11



I would like to work for a contract for a salary ranging from $40-$75 am a hard working person. With good qualities.

5 days ago 2019-07-11

I want to work in airport or in any office


I have great wish to work abroad

6 days ago 2019-07-10



I wish to take up Accounting internship job with the salary negotiable. I will be available once am hired.

7 days ago 2019-07-09

Virtual (remote) assistant position wanted


Please see resume for my skills and services I can offer your company.