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Industrie: Advertising
Tip: Private Company
Pleasure In Vegas, or referred to as PIV, is an Online Advertising and Social Media Company. Our Business model operates on several levels. We cater, to any business or person visiting, moving or living in Las Vegas by using their Website and Mobile Apps to first, list businesses on their Website and Mobile App Directory. Secondly, PIV uses Geo-Conquest and Hyper Mobile Targeting and Re-targeting software to place ads on Cell Phones, Computers and Tablets. Third, PIV creates and manages Social Media to channel traffic to PIV's list of Vendors. Fourth, PIV Users and Subscribers download the Mobile App to look for activities listed on their Website and App to make reservations for activities of their choice for when they visit Las Vegas they can get the ultimate Vegas experience and lastly, PIV creates cinematic quality branding and promotional videos as well as builds and manages websites for their vendors.

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