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Industrie: Advertising
Tip: Private Company
Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link. Place this link on your website, social media, or where ever you think people will click on it. Once people make a purchase using your link you will receive a commission. Do not worry! We will take care of the orders and the shipping.


Promote Pawzandpetz With Social Media/Email
Write About Us On Your Blogs And Articles
Use Our Video and Pictures
Place The Pawzandpetz Logo And Banners On Your Website
Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link On Coupon, Deal Sites, Shady Sites
Don’t False Advertise Pawzandpetz In Any Manner…
Don’t Change Our Logos Or Banners
Don’t Create False Orders
Don’t Offer Unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes

How much commission do I get?

You get 20% for every sale.

Are their opportunities to get more commission?


What do I do if I send traffic but I get no sales?

Try linking to different products. Your audience might not like the products or pages that you are linking to. Try different ones for the most success.

Can I get removed from the program?

Yes, if you create fake orders, spam, misrepresent Pawzandpetz, or other such things you may get removed from the program.

How long do people have to buy?

There is a 30 day cookie. Your commission will register if a person buys a product after 30 days of clicking the link.

Can I get free products?

Yes, if you have an audience you would like to show a product to or you would like to do a review of a product you can get free products.

If I buy anything will my orders count?

No, we do this to prevent fake orders.

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?


How will I get paid?

Once you apply you can register a Paypal account and you will be paid automatically.

What type of traffic is accepted?

We only accept traffic that are from the countries that we sell to. Other traffic is redirected.

Job Type: Commission

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