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Combining a compelling clinical market with innovative biomaterials invented by Drs Bob Abraham, Daniel Boyd and Sharon Kehoe, The Three Founders saw the opportunity to transform an interventional radiology procedure called embolization.

Y90 radioembolization, also known as Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) and Trans-arterial Radiation Therapy (TARE) is a minimally invasive therapy for treating liver tumors. Current marketed Y90 radioembolization technologies are designed for injection through the hepatic arterial system into tumors, aimed at providing a lethal dose of radiation within tumors while sparing normal liver parenchyma.

ABK’s Eye90 microspheres technology is a breakthrough combination of Y90 microspheres for radioembolization made with a proprietary, radiopaque glass composition for procedure visualization via fluoroscopy, x-ray, CT and Cone Beam CT imaging modalities. An advanced technology with the promise to improve the placement precision of the Y90 microspheres, and the potential to provide in-procedure prognostic dosimetry for cutting-edge treatment of liver tumors

Bland embolization is a minimally invasive method for blocking blood vessels that flow to and feed a tumor. The particles injected into the blood vessels are called embolic microspheres. Current embolic microspheres are plastic or polymer. The common bland microspheres are not visible on X-ray, requiring the radiologist to inject contrast media (X-ray “dye”) with the microspheres to determine flow path.

ABK’s Easi-Vue technology is a tailored radiopaque permanent embolization microspheres. Easi-Vue embolization microspheres offer a range of microsphere size ranges that are inherently radiopaque for direct visualization of the embolic at the target site​ during embolotherapy.

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