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The Most Resilient Jobs During Covid-19

Covid-19 really slowed down the world. Beyond just the serious health concerns that it has brought, it has also created serious problems

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Why should I study and develop a Marketing career?

The Marketing career is one of the most requested by young people today, as it constitutes a very broad discipline, with the possibility of developing

How to Talk About Salary at a Job Interview

One of the most delicate moments during a job interview, so to speak, is when candidates have to talk about

The Importance of Highlighting the Skills in the Curriculum Vitae

Do you have doubts about including your skills in the curriculum vitae? In the current world of work, a curriculum vitae that includes only

Attach a Photo in Your Resume Yes or No?

The photos on the CV is one of the aspects that generates the most controversy.

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9 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Career

When you are about to finish school and it is time to choose a career that will determine your professional future

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The 10 Qualities That Define a Good Boss

Selecting the most suitable people is a fundamental decision to achieve success.

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7 Basic Skills of a Great Call Center Agent

Some may think that working in a call center to make or receive calls from customers is simple

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How to Use Your Table at the Job Interview

The tablet can provide inventive candidates with an advantage during job interviews.

Suitable Small Business Ideas for This Economy

A validity of a business idea depends on several different things. One of them is your ability

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Best Tips for Starting a Home-Based Business in Australia

It seems like more and more Australians decide to quit their job and start running a small business

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Best Tips for Happy and Healthy Retirement

Many people who retire feel an immediate decrease in life satisfaction mostly because they lose their purpose

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6 Tasks a Home-Based Business Leader with a Family needs to Outsource

When people hear that you’re running a full-blown business from home, the conversation usually ends with you have

5 Tips for Managing Finances at Your Startup

New and small startups always have problems with handling their finances.

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9 Aspects that a Full Stack developer should know

Companies demand a Full Stack developer when looking for a technical person, who knows all aspects of the front-end, back-end

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Top 5 Highest-Paying Jobs for Women in 2019

No matter if you’re just starting your career or you don’t like your job and want a change

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What does a marketing analyst do?

The marketing analyst is the professional hired to care for and develop the analysis of marketing strategies

What should I study to be a Big Data expert

The Big Data specialist (or Data Scientist) is already considered one of the professional profiles with the most future

Resume vs. CV - What are the differences?

For many, there is no difference between a resume and a CV, but for your employer sure is!

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The technological talent war in Europe

Specialized technological profiles are difficult to find, but in Europe, the number of experts is increasing rapidly.