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Job Description

Our clientis an employment agency, which specializes in lease of construction workers to otherDutch clients. The company is looking for Tilers and Plasterers for long-term projects in Holland. This is a new company but with a lot of experience employing tilers and plasterer in the Dutch market. Also, they have a lot of experience with working with international recruiters from all over Europe.


You’ll need:

good practical skills
the ability to follow design plans
accuracy and attention to detail
maths skills for calculating costs and quantities of materials
creative flair and a good eye for design
customer service skills
the ability to keep paperwork and accounts up-to-date, if self-employed


Your day-to-day duties may include:

Work with floor and wall tiles of all sizes.
Inspection of floors on flatness.
Capable of placing sand cement in bathrooms or other “wet rooms”.
Work with new construction and renovation work.
Work with and washing in pointing in tilework.
Capable of neat and tidy tilework.


WORK DESCRIPTION:  Work with floor and wall tiles of all sizes, inspection of floors on flatness, capable of placing sand cement in bathrooms or other “wet rooms”, work with new construction and renovation work ,work with and washing in pointing in tile work, capable of neat and tidy tile work.


You get paid according to the Dutch labor collective agreement for “afbouw” which is being used for tilers and from inside or outside the country.

Brutto  Wage per hour - € 14,24

Netto Wage Per Week - € 440,- 



The candidates can travel to Holland with their own car or they can choose to travel by plane or bus. If the candidate arrived by bus or plane, a representative from the client will meet the candidate at the bus station / airport and will bring the candidate to his accommodation or office where further transportation will be arranged.

The client provides compensation for traveling from candidate’s home country to Holland and for traveling from Holland to your home country 4 times per year. If the candidate wishes to travel more frequently, he must pay the travel costs himself.

Travel compensation if a candidate arrived by car:

According to Dutch tax law, the client can give 0,19 EUR per kilometer to candidates that arrived with their own car. For example, if the distance from candidates living location in home country to work location in Netherlands is 1700 km., in that case the client will compensate: 1700 km. x 0,19 EUR = 323 EUR. The same amount is compensated for traveling back to the candidate’s home country.

However, the compensation is not paid upon your arrival, rather it is divided into equal amounts and paid out according to your working period in Holland. For example, if you decide that you stay 12 weeks in Holland, that means the compensation will be divided into 12 payments and paid out in equal amounts each week.

Travel compensation if a candidate arrived by plane or bus:

To receive a compensation the candidate must present the receipt and plane / bus tickets to the client

The maximum amount which the client will compensate for a ticket is 150 EUR.

The client will compensate total 8 tickets per year (4 to your home country and 4 to Netherlands).


Paid by the client meant for basic health care in Holland. Not for extensive planned surgery or extensive planned teeth care.


In Netherlands there is a requirement for every construction worker to have a VCA or SCC certificate. Candidate which has VCA or SCC certificate, demonstrates that he has basic knowledge of SHE (Safety, Health and the Environment) as required by the SCC.If the candidate does not have this certificate, he can start working for our client and get this certificate while working. The client will provide the study material and the exam (in the native language of the candidate). However, the candidates will need to sign a study agreement, so the employer could pay the costs of the exam and study material.


The client offers temporary employment contracts on project basis to every employee. The contract lasts until the work at a specific project is done. However, after the candidate finishes a project, contract will be extended to another project, if the candidate’s qualification matches the employer’s expectations and the candidate performs well at the project.Our client is always seeking to keep good employees as long as possible in the Netherlands. So, for a good candidate, the job can last for years if he wishes to work for the same employer.


The client does not have a standard rotation schedule, therefore, the candidates can stay in Holland as long as they want. The employer will compensate traveling back to the candidates home country and back to Holland 4 times a year. If the candidate wishes to travel more frequently, he must pay for travel costs himself.Because the contract, which the candidate signed with The client  is temporary. That means it stops while the candidate is back in his home country. That means that for the period which the candidate is on vacation, he is officially not employed and not insured. So, the candidate must take care of the social insurance themselves for these vacation periods. The candidate is insured when he comes back to Holland.


The client has an office in Groningen city (Netherlands). The employer will have projects all over Netherlands. When a project finishes, then it is most likely that the candidate will get new project in a completely different region. So, the candidates must be willing to move from one city to another on a short notice.


The  client provides free permanent housing for the period that the candidates work in Netherlands. The housing includes:

Permanent housing per period of work
Separate room with bed and possibilities to store personal belongings
Cooking facilities
Washing facilities
Maximum of 1 hour drive from house to project


The client”s experience is that the most important for the candidates is that they have solid housing. That’s why they decided to house the candidates per region. In some cases, this means that the candidates must travel a bit longer to their work location, but they can live in the same house for longer periods. This is a lot less stressful for them, since they don’t have to move on a regular basis.


The employer provides 1 set of work clothes and one set of tools. It is recommended to bring your own set of work clothes if the ones that are provided get dirty or they are damaged.



1 out of 2 in a team speaks English or German.
Preferable with own car.
Preferable with VCA.
Preferable that people have experience with a plaster sprayer.
Transport: Work and travel in a team.
Schedule: Long-term employment, the schedule is being negotiated  ;
Starting date:  Immediately ;
Region: Everywhere in the Netherlands ;



Language Requirements

English, Dutch, German

Education Degree

High School

Visa Support

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Job Criteria

Job Type



#Building Materials

Job Location

The Netherlands - Groningen




1760 - 2025/month

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