Date Posted: 2019-07-17 | | Expires: 2019-08-16

Customer Service Representative English

Job Description

As we said above, we are a cool company and we value our employees.

So, your mission is to be yourself, passionate about the foreign language you master, interested in a long-term job, adaptable to a group of young and energetic people who know how to eat pizza and ice cream at the office, just the same as they know how to work responsibly.

Furthermore, we will not throw you into the deep water. We will guide you, we will support you, we will teach you to swim as we know it.

That being said, if you identify yourself with what we have described, we invite you to apply and obtain an interview, in which you can convince yourself that the above are not myths.


There are two types of candidates: the candidate who goes to work with a smile on his/her face, likes what he/she does and at the end of the month when he/she slides the card in the ATM will be pleased and happy, and the one who just works because he/she knows that the job is only a way to pay the bills.

There are as well two types of companies: the company for which you are not just a number in an excel, which appreciates your skills and qualities, and the company which is only seeing you as a simple employee.

You, as well as us, are in the first category. Otherwise you would not have continued reading this ad.

Therefore, our ideal candidate would look like the following:

you do not have to be superman or wonder woman: we want human beings, soul and Corazon, as the Spaniards would say, but we would love to think that you are capable of multitasking and you can communicate with our clients on chat, email, and sometimes by phone.
you do not need to know all the languages on earth but the one you apply for must be at an advanced level, in both written and spoken.
we praise initiative, dedication and love to see our employees involved in their projects.
you do not have to give up family, private life or the weekends to the seaside, but it's nice to know we can count on you 2 weekends per month, out of 4 and that you can work alternating between 09-17, 13-21 and 17-01.00


A salary above the market average in order to feel appreciated
Monthly bonuses, as rewards for excellent results
Very good experience in working in one of the greatest companies with a nice and friendly environment
Private and complete Medical Subscription to be sure that you are staying in a good health
The chance to have a meaning in a company’s growth
A great, motivated and talented team and leader
Flexible working hours
Two meals per week ordered at the office
Fun team-buildings every three months



Language Requirements


Education Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Visa Support

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Job Criteria

Job Type

Full Time


#Consumer Services

Job Location

Romania - Bucharest


Customer Service



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