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About Mang Ge


Industry: Education
Type: Private Company
The name of the company was inspired by Charlie Munger, an American businessman,
and philanthropist. From the Chinese language, the name could be translated as "busy
brother" which represents our busy and fast modern life, where the company will find
time to teach and educate students.

Mang Ge shares the values of affordable education and equal opportunities for students
and employees. We believe that every person is unique and has his or her talents. We
want them to be discovered and encouraged.

That's why we created a personalized and unique one-to-one approach, adjustable to fit
tutors and students.

Programs at Mang Ge

Our team is full... for now

We are in continous expansion. New programs might be available soon. We will let you know when new programs appear if you mark our profile as favorite using the Follow button above .

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