Industry: Information Technology and Services
Company Type: Private Company
Company Size: 201 - 500
K-LAGAN is a national and international technological consulting & engineering company born in 2007.

Our aim is to support companies in different market sectors through all the phases of analysis needed for the start-up of projects, using state-of-the-art technologies. We operate from the initial studies to the final project acceptance.

Our projects are carried out in different sectors thus providing the companies cross-functional skills and know how. We are committed to assist them across any phase of their development providing solutions at every level in the fields of R&D, manufacturing, IT, consulting, Product Development, Audit & Test, Best Practice, etc.

Our solutions are focused in solve work-peaks, lack of expertise, need of an expert team, mentoring or creation of a new activity or product that could demand specific know-how in areas such as selection of state-of-the-art technologies, development strategy, organization of the technical direction…

We want to build together the company of tomorrow; therefore, our mission is to be a healthy company, committed to the society and environment, responsible to our employees, customers and suppliers.

We believe in long-term cooperation with our partners and establish win-win relationships based on mutual benefits, what allows us to always keep the highest quality of our work and our services and, at the same time, help our employees, customers and suppliers to achieve their objectives.

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