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Industry: Business Supplies and Equipment
Type: Public Company
The Dynabilt System consists of galvanized steel insulated load-bearing panels, steel roof trusses, and floor joists. Dynabilt manufactures and markets this revolutionary building technology.

The Dynabilt synergistic patented wall panel combines the strength and performance of cold-formed galvanized steel and the sustainable high energy efficient properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS), also contributing to the compression strength. The result is a superior building technology that replaces traditional wood framing, as well as concrete block structures with a single easily installed system. The Dynabilt System is indistinguishable from site-built structures, meets all building codes and provides savings that exceed 50% from traditional construction.

The utilization of this proprietary production technology provides many benefits to building owners and contractors alike. The Patented Dynabilt Panel System provides contractors the ability to reduce both the size and required skill levels of job-site construction crews. The easy and simple installation process also reduces the construction time. The high energy efficiency it offers providers numerous tax credits to both owner and builder.

In addition to the structural advantages, the Dynabilt Panels offer superior energy efficiency, which reduces both heating and cooling costs a major benefit for home owners, as well as the sound dampening characteristics which provide acoustic benefits to the structure. The Dynabilt products used are fire resistant and impervious to vermin and termites. The Dynabilt System is environmentally friendly and provides substantial advantages to Green technology and has LEED compliant requirements.

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