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The Marketing career is one of the most requested by young people today, as it constitutes a very broad discipline, with the possibility of developing in different fields and facing a large number of challenges.

But what exactly is it? Marketing is concerned with studying the behavior of markets and the needs of consumers. The Marketing Specialist will have the ability to position products and services, analyze and establish pricing policies for them, investigate market segments, establish distribution channels and carry out Marketing plans according to demand conditions.

Reasons to study Marketing

There are many reasons that make studying the Marketing career a good decision for your professional development and your future.

First, Marketing is a process that is present in all activities that require the insertion of a product in the market. Therefore, any venture, company or business will need the tools offered by this discipline to achieve its objectives and position what it markets.

In addition, it is a career with a lot of projection in the future and ample work. Both large and medium and small companies apply for Marketing professionals, and there are a wide variety of positions in which you can work, from an advisor or consultant to a sales or market research manager.

Another advantage of this career is the diversity of tasks and areas in which the professional can choose to develop. For example, it can target the most communicational part, related to the promotion of the brand, or the more commercial side, linked to sales and customer relationships. In addition, there are different branches within the discipline, such as International, Social or Institutional Marketing.

On the other hand, the study of Marketing implies opening to new perspectives and perspectives on the world, since it requires getting involved and understanding different types of audiences and consumers. In addition, it promotes creativity and due to constant innovations in its field, forces the professional to always keep informed and updated.

What does a Bachelor of Marketing do?

With the objective of producing income and getting companies to achieve their objectives, the professional in this area carry out tasks ranging from research to the implementation of the Marketing plan. In this way, its functions will be to define the public to whom the product or service is directed, study the market and competition, develop strategies, implement them and measure the results of the actions.

Depending on the specific position held by the specialist, the coordination of creative teams, research, and product development, establishing product positioning, determining price settings and studying and defining distribution channels may also be within their tasks.

Where the Marketing professional can develop

There are a wide variety of sectors in which a Marketing specialist can apply his knowledge, such as statistics, market research, economics, and sociology. As mentioned earlier, the breadth of this career offers professionals various options to develop their experience. The Bachelor of Marketing has the possibility of working in both public and private fields, as well as in face-to-face or remote positions and in companies of all kinds.

Some of the positions he can occupy are Market Analyst, Marketing Assistant, Product Manager, Merchandiser, Marketing Executive, Communication Manager, Telemarketer, and Market Director, among others.

How is a Marketing student

There are certain characteristics that people passionate about Marketing often share. Knowing the profile of a Marketing professional can be useful to realize if it is really a discipline of your interest.

One of those qualities is the ease of numbers. Getting along with mathematics is a key aspect of the Marketing career, as they are used for analysis, statistics, and surveys. Creativity is another central aspect of those profiles that wish to perform in the world of marketing. Being in permanent contact with technology and computer advances.

Proactivity, critical thinking, ease of communication, leadership, and negotiation skills are some of the other characteristics that make up the profile of a student or graduate of the Marketing career.

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