What do you pass in your CV if you do not have work experience?

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It is supposed that the school should be not only a place to learn about things around you but also a simulation of your social and professional life as an adult. Unfortunately, in some countries, no academic stage teaches you what to write in a resume, how to present yourself to an interview and how to get a good start from the first few days at the first job. That's why we launched the www.loadjobs.com platform to bring you closer to employers and give you all the necessary support in the hiring process, but also to bring your self-confidence on the way to the first place the work.

How was my first CV experience? Well, I have been writing for many years; and I really like to think I can write anything in whatever words, and that's a faith I have with me since high school. However, when it was time to write my first CV, I stuck. I delayed a few weeks, during which I turned two or three words per page. I read a thousand articles about what a CV should include, but I was afraid that without real work experience it would seem empty.

Finally, after I was able to write my CV, apply for a job, go to the interview and get my first job, I talked honestly with the person who recruited me, who admitted that although she was looking for initially a candidate who worked for another company before, was pleasantly impressed by other sections of my resume that she considered more relevant to the job than a year of work experience at another job. This is it:

1. Known foreign languages

Many employers expect you to be an English speaker but also look for speakers of other languages. In my resume, I passed Spanish and French, which, although I did not know them very well, were as familiar to me as they were in high school and university classes. Now, after years of not having spoken to them, I'm ashamed to pass them on to my resume. So take advantage of having a few hours of foreign language (and not even sleeping head-to-tail) and going through CVs!

2. Various workshops

If you have participated in a workshop or two, how relevant to the field you want to come in, trust them. I had such a workshop in my resume and it turned out to be a very good idea, even if I attended the workshop just to get it into CV! No one is upset if you attend a workshop a few weeks shortly before applying for a job. She will look good to recruiters!

3. Other academic activities

Perhaps you attended a conference, perhaps attended a professor with a course, or maybe you were a member of the student association. He goes through such activities in his resume because he shows that you care about the field studied further from the actual courses. And, just as at the previous point, no one is upset if you start doing so shortly before looking for your first job.

4. Volunteering

If you were a volunteer, anywhere, anytime, for both an NGO and a company, passes your CV activity. Employers like to see proactivity among candidates.

5. Internships

I admit that I have not passed one or another. The internships in my case have not been found to be relevant for job search, and I have never signed up for an internship. However, if you have such a work experience, use it with confidence in CV. Today's internships are particularly important because they are, in many ways, like a job.

6. Soft Skills & Hard Skills

When you have a work experience and describe your previous jobs, the skills come from the responsibilities you have in the job, but if you do not have the experience, you need to consistently introduce them in all the other sections of your CV, community. Think about what you can do, but also how you are as a person and how your personality translates into the workplace.

7. Hobbies

Theoretically, if you had something to write at each of the above paragraphs, hobbies should not fit on more than 1-2 rows. However, if you feel that your resume is more empty, you can also include more information about what you are passionate about, of course. Try, however, to get out of the traditional "I like to travel and read" and choose to pass some passions that resonate somewhat with the job you want to apply with your work ethic and which are ideal as original as possible.

As for the layout of your CV, we recommend that you make your account at www.loadjobs.com and use the available template. Loadjobs CV is structured in such a way as to be as attractive to employers. Moreover, if you complete your resume to at least 60%, and you make it public, companies will be able to view it even if you do not apply for a job. This means that when an employer looks for a candidate with a profile similar to yours, he can invite you to apply for his jobs if he thinks that you're in the job. Yes, sometimes jobs also fall from the sky. Success!

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