What do you have to do if you lost your job?

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Loss of work is always a difficult situation. Do not just lose the place you used to be most of the day, the people you worked with, and your financial stability, but also the confidence in your own abilities and knowledge. But it's not always the case to take it personally, or the moment when you let your anxiety envelop you.

When you lose your job, the instinct is to think you are unlucky, but the truth is that behind the decision is most probably an objective reason. You may have done something wrong or you may not have had the necessary performance to stay in the company, but you may have lost your job due to restructuring your department or for purely economic reasons. The faster you understand and accept the objective reasons behind job loss, the faster you can reprofile yourself.

Do not panic!

What are you doing now? Where are you going? How do you pay that credit? What are you going to do with the rent? - There are only a few questions you will naturally ask when you lose your job. Now is not the time to panic! Calculate your money in the bank carefully and discover how long you can do without a job. From that time, give yourself a few days of relaxation where you can forget about anxiety and, if you can, leave for three days somewhere and enjoy the freedom you should feel at this moment.

Ask what you would like to do next

Now is probably the best time to try to change your career if you really want to do something else with your life. Keep in mind, however, that professional reconversion is not necessarily the right one for anyone, and if you feel that such a change is very difficult, do not be fooled by the mirage of a completely new job. Changing your career should not be a goal, but a revelation that will take you closer to your passions.

Looking for a new job

Once you've put your thoughts in order and you've figured out what route you want to follow at this point, start your job search for a new job and do not hesitate to change your search tactic. For example, on www.loadjobs.com you can directly search for the jobs you want in the city where you work or even jobs abroad, but you can also enter the pages of companies that employ using Loadjobs by clicking on their names. Here you can see all the jobs available in those companies. So if you've heard good things about a certain company, do not hesitate to look for free posts directly to them.

Complete your resume

Even if it seems a little initially intuitive to complete your resume once you have found the jobs you are interested in, know that there is a good logic behind! When you know what jobs you want to apply, you know what skills and knowledge should characterize the ideal candidate. Now is the ideal time to complete your resume and to formulate your experiences in such a way as to attract the recruiters. Beware, however, it's all about the forms! Under no circumstances should you lie or invent sections in your resume!

So if you recently lost your job or you know someone who is in such a situation, do not hesitate to follow or recommend these four simple but essential steps for a quiet professional future!

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