What do you have to ask before accepting a job abroad?

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Working abroad can be attractive, but there are aspects that can not be ignored before going to a new country

If you are thinking of traveling and working in another country, there are aspects that you can not stop considering. Here are some questions we propose that you have to be able to answer before beginning this new stage.

1) What are the working conditions?

Before accepting any job or signing a contract, you have to make sure you read the description in detail to know what they expect from you and from your job. Not all employment laws are the same and if they were, employees do not have to comply with them perfectly. By studying these rules you can make sure that your bosses do not take advantage of you.

2) What is the salary?

In general, young people do not decide to work abroad in order to save a large sum of money but to seek to work in the place of their dreams without considering how much money they will earn.
Anyway, it is important that you look for a good job before going to the chosen country to make sure that you will be able to live decently and pay all the expenses that this implies.

3) Is the accommodation included in the contract?

Many companies dedicated to seasonal jobs offer accommodation to their employees. Although it seems an unimportant matter, it is key that you investigate on this topic: what is the accommodation like? Do I have facilities to cook? In case you do not have the possibility of cooking, the expense you will have to make will be important, so you can suggest that they do not discount the accommodation of your salary.

4) In case the accommodation is not included, can I find where to stay?

Finding a place to live can be the most complex part of working abroad for a prolonged period because large cities are expensive and there is a great demand for cheap accommodation.
Another important issue is that many countries have strict laws that prohibit people from living longer than those allowed in a house. 

5) What are the conditions of my visa?

Before processing your visa, there are aspects that you have to take into consideration:

  • Does this visa allow me to travel later?
  • Can I change my job?
  • What is its validity?
  • What kind of work can I do?
  • Do I need a confirmed job to get it?
  • What kind of visa is necessary?

6) Should I use employment agencies?

Although there are many employment agencies, that does not mean they all work well. Therefore, first of all, it is important that you contact a traveler who has used one of these agencies to find a job or that you search the internet for comments on how each works.

7) Do I have to leave everything in writing?

Make sure that each discussion you have with your boss is established in writing, that this document is signed by both parties and that there is more than one copy. The same thing happens with the contract, once it reaches your hands, read it clearly and if you still have doubts, ask about it before signing.

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