Top 5 Highest-Paying Jobs for Women in 2019

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No matter if you’re just starting your career or you don’t like your job and want a change, 2019 might just be the year you find a field you really like. However, in order to love what you do, you also need to make sure it brings you enough money at the end of each month. And with the gap between men and women existing in almost every industry, you need to be extra careful when choosing what you’ll do. That being said, we came up with a list of top 5 highest-paying jobs for women in 2019.

Software developer

Software developer.jpg

Being a software developer is great. Not only do you get to design and create a computer or mobile device programs and applications but you can also make a lot of money while doing so. Alternatively, you might end up getting hired by a business that needs you to maintain their company software and update it on a regular basis. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll need a take a course in either software engineering or computer science. However, bear in mind that it’s how creative you are that can help you land a job more often than not. In the last couple of years, we saw more and more women entering the industry and it’s expected this will be the case in 2019 as well.

Event planner

Event planner.jpg

If you think you have good organizational skills, becoming an event planner makes a lot of sense. You’ll get hired by individuals or companies to help them plan their events and you’ll get paid to do so. Sounds like something nobody would say no to. There are companies that specialize in event planning and chances are you’ll get hired by one of them in 2019. Or if you prefer to be your own boss, you can always look into the possibility of starting your own event planning business. If you want to make sure you get hired, you might want to sign up for an event planning course before you start looking for a job. Luckily, you can now take courses like this from the comfort of your home as long as you have an internet connection.



Starting a small business is now easier than ever. Still, most business owners don’t know how to run their books and deal with taxes, which is why they usually choose to hire an accountant who’ll get the job done for them. So, if you’ve been thinking about becoming an accountant, you’re on the right track. This is especially the case if you’re good with numbers and enjoy working behind the screen. Becoming an accountant shouldn’t’ be tough and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t manage to do it in 2019. Getting a FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping will make getting hired in the accounting industry a real piece of cake.



Another amazing idea you might want to consider is becoming a pharmacist. As a pharmacist, you get to manage medications, dispense them and advise patients. You can also find a job that requires you to develop new medications and work in improving safety regulations regarding them. In order to become a pharmacist, you need to get your pharmacy degree and get licensed. What’s so great about this job is that it offers career stability as more and more pharmacists are needed. We should also note that every healthcare setting requires pharmacist, which means there are more job opportunities for you. Moreover, it also makes it easier for you to get promoted and make more money for you and your family.



You probably already know that being a lawyer is a job many people out there dream of. According to some reports, a little over 50% of current law school graduates are women and there’s no doubt this might be the perfect job for you in 2019. If you opt to become a lawyer, you’ll get to choose whether you want to work for someone or you want to start your own law firm. Still, becoming a lawyer is maybe even more difficult than it seems. To be a fully qualified lawyer, you’ll need to earn your bachelor’s degree and do practical legal training as well. It’s also important to point out that there are different types of lawyers out there, some of which include personal injury lawyers, environmental lawyers, and criminal lawyers.

Opt for one of these 5 jobs and you’ll be ensured you’re making as much money as possible every month. However, getting hired sometimes seems much easier than it actually is. So, once you find a field you like, it’s recommended that you do whatever you can to increase your chances of landing a job in that specific industry. In most cases, this will be either taking a course or getting a degree.

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