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Numerous people are applying for one particular position at a company at any given moment; if you wish to stand out from the mass and pass the initial screening tests, then you need to have an eye-catching CV. Not just in the presentation, but also the content that it contains.

Not everyone can write a good Resume, and not one CV is fit for all job applications. If you are applying for various positions at different companies, then you need to alter your resume accordingly.

Before you apply for your next job, consider the following points for an insight into an employer’s mind:

Focus on Your Strengths

It’s not possible for one person to excel in anything and everything. However, recruiters want to know if you have what they want. Even if you haven’t worked in the same role before, highlight your strengths to show your employer that you are what they seek.

Keep a Positive Outlook

No one likes a pessimist, especially if you are an employer looking for a new hire. So, if you’re going to impress recruiters, you need to use certain action words in your CV. Show them that you are a ‘can-do’ type of employee and will never back down from challenges.

Use words that show your caliber as ‘excellent’ or ‘initiated.’ They tell the employer that you are a go-getter and a hardworking individual. Who wouldn’t someone like that working for their company?

Highlight Your Achievements

People want to know what you have achieved in your life so far. However, instead of merely mentioning how you did one thing or the other state how your actions helped the company as a whole. It will help expand on your skills and tell the employer that you can be beneficial for them.

Employment History

Every recruiter looks for the applicant’s previous work experience more than their education. They want to know whether the applicant has the required skill set for the position they are applying. For instance, startups like PennySaviour would hire employees that have no problem working in that kind of environment, rather than a newbie coming in from a different field.

On the other hand, many recruiters also see your desire for change. If you have been working in one industry and role for quite some time, let’s say a few years, you are more inclined to seek a change of pace. However, if it’s only been a few months since you took over the position, then that leads recruiters to believe you are merely bored.

Consistency in Timeline

Recruiters are going to wonder why you have a significant gap in your employment history. If you have a valid reason then it is okay; however, unexplained gaps are going to get you the brush-off. Don’t let them come up with wild theories of their own; ease their worries, leaving no doubt in their minds.

Be Creative with Your Resume

The patterns and formats for resume writing available on the net are merely for reference. No one said you have to follow them word for word. In fact, recruiters like resumes that are a bit creative and unique.

Also, not all formats are adaptable to different software. So, make sure the employer can quickly open the ones you employ; no one wants to download particular software to view a CV, no matter how fantastic an applicant may be.

Your Online Presence

It’s not essential; however, if you have an online footprint, you could mention them in your resume. It helps the recruiters find out a little more about the person you are from the people you follow and who follow you. Your websites, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Quora or any other social link are examples of what you can include. 

Be Original

Just because it is a CV does not mean you have to be perfectly formal and strict. You are trying to appeal to people and get them to hire you; so show them that you are not merely another candidate. You could throw in a little joke, your favorite quote, anything that will make them remember your name from the thousands of applicants that apply.

Concise & Easy-to-Read

There are thousands upon thousands of applicants that apply to a company at a given time; recruiters don’t possibly have the time to read through them all one by one. So, if you’re CV is longer than at least two pages, it is more than just a possibility that you are going to be looked over. Thus, be as precise as possible; you could use bullet points to highlight specific attributes and skills, rather than lengthy sentences.

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords being the words relevant to the position you are applying. You should scan the job description thoroughly, find out what they are asking and mention it in your resume. If you are appealing for managerial positions and the relevant words like ‘manager’ or ‘leader,’ don’t make an appearance than the recruiter may overlook your CV.

Customize Your Curriculum Vitae

Not all job applications are the same; their requirements differ, as do the qualities the recruiter seeks. Thus, whether you are applying for a managerial position or a writer, you need to change your resume accordingly. It’s crucial that the job titles and responsibilities you mention are relevant to the position you are applying.


There you have it ten most essential things that you need to ensure when writing a CV. Recruiters get paid for their harsh analysis of the applicants; thus, it’s imperative to pass the initial screening at least.

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