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Cabin crew is the face of the airlines. It is your job to make sure that the flight is as pleasant as possible. They are responsible for ensuring that our trip happens without incident, delay and any other type of sudden event. Of course, there are certain problems that can not be avoided.

At Loadjobs, we will give you some tips and service secrets to be the best cabin crew member of your airline.

1. Keep in mind that not all travelers go on vacation

Not all passengers are using this means of transport to go on vacation. Many of them need to take these flights because, on the other side, a treatment for their illnesses awaits them, they must give their last goodbye to a family member or it is only due to work issues.

You will see tears of joy and sadness within a single flight. Try to make the flight easier for them.

2. Cabin crew are not waiters

The main function of a cabin crew member is to take care of safety inside an airplane. The big mistake of most passengers is to believe that the cabin crew is there to distribute snacks and drinks. It is true that it is part of their work, but the cabin crew themselves spend months of training and learning to study the procedures and rules of aviation rescue.

3. The most critical parts of the flight are during takeoff and landing

Most likely, you already know. It is for this reason that everyone, including the crew during the flight, must sit down and fasten their belts: this is what the law says.

4. The rules that are heard before and during the flight are part of the law

Therefore, it does not make sense to try to negotiate with a passenger. It is illegal for flight personnel to break any rule in your name. The consequence would be fines and even jail.

When the cabin crew says to sit down, everyone should sit down: that's the law. The same goes for the deactivation of cell phones, the raising of seat backrests, armrests, and more.

5. Be patient with babies

In fact, the cabin crew can help parents with their children. Most of the times it is not the parents' fault that their children cry.

An adult can "endure" being on an airplane for so many hours. He can talk and tell what is bothering him or if he feels bad. A baby, no. Crying is the only way a baby has communication. Add to that the fact of having so many hours in a closed space, the fact of an earache and the temperature.

6. Do not fly while you have a cold

Why? because it is painful. But not only that, flying can cause permanent damage to the eardrums. As a cabin crew member, you will not always have the option to change your flight or shift each time you suffer from a cold. For these cases, protect yourself by using earplugs. These will protect you from hearing loss and other side effects. The nasal sprays for medical use will also help you to clear that nose and reduce the risk of pain.

7. Pilots can control the temperature of the air in the plane

Most flights are cold when the plane is already in the air. "The temperature is due to atmospheric pressure": That's just a myth. The pilots are the ones who really control the air in the cabin. So talk to the pilot if most passengers feel very cold.

8. Warning about barefoot passengers

There will be many passengers who like to walk barefoot. Yes, though you do not believe it. So warn them about the bathrooms and all the bacteria that may be in them.

9. Be educated

Some passengers are very exasperated when they get on the plane because they have had a bad time going through customs or who knows why. Try to give them the best service. It may be difficult to have to be looking at their bitter expressions, but give the best of you as the excellent cabin crewman you are.

10. Bring a toilet kit with you

Consider bringing a toilet kit that contains some essential elements to make your flight more comfortable. Includes a pillow for the neck and a sweater or blanket. Other elements that your kit should have are a lip balm and a cream to prevent dryness in your skin.

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