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December is around the corner, Christmas is approaching and pockets are emptying. Although these dates are usually causing for joy, celebration, and leisure, they are not exempt from stress. We all become a little crazy when it comes to organizing Christmas shopping. However, it helps us all to know that our company allocates gifts for workers. Show your appreciation for the most veteran employees and newcomers during these important dates!

At Loadjobs, as specialists in talent and knowledgeable about professional profiles, we believe that a personalized detail can motivate professionals to continue working with you. You may be wondering, however, what to offer your staff. The range of possibilities is very large, but we throw some tips that will excite all the members of the organization. Before starting, we recommend you to complement practical gifts with idle presents.

Gifts for workers: Gastronomy

Gastronomic products are always a good gift for workers. Remember that the best way to conquer the most demanding people is through the stomach. Almost everyone enjoys Christmas food: chocolates, champagne, wine, ham, nougat, cheese ... Although it is not a very original gift, it is very likely that all the staff accept it with a smile on their faces. As we said, you have to try to save a little during these times and this detail will allow everyone to share a good snack with family or friends at zero cost. A basket full of Christmas food is a classic success almost guaranteed. Be a little evil and make them forget their diets!

Gifts for workers: Technology

Almost all of us carry some type of technological tool with which we live daily. They have made their way inexorably and it could even be said that we need them. What better way to please workers than by offering them a gadget?

The smartphone has become an essential tool and there is nothing more annoying than the short duration of your battery. Therefore, a low-cost gift and with which we can even promote our company is a Power Bank or external battery. It is something that can be useful to all of us but that many of us do not buy out of pure laziness. However, if we obtain this for free and as a detail we will use it constantly. All those employees who travel by train can listen to their favorite music or watch good movies through Netflix without worrying about sudden blackouts. In addition, we can include the company logo on the gift so they do not forget about us.

Although they may be somewhat less practical than the previous gift, Bluetooth speakers can brighten any party. These portable devices will allow employees, among other things, to enjoy favorite music while they clean themselves, carry out housework or go camping.

If the staff of your organization needs to travel often and load with electronic devices, the accessories to transport them are an ideal gift. From portable briefcases to small backpacks for tablets, if they allow you to see the device without removing them, they will make it easier to pass through airport security control. Also, who would not want to protect such an expensive tool?

Do your workers like to read? You have it easy: an e-reader, such as Kindle, will love it. You will thus ensure that your company's staff is modernized. In the line of technological accessories never fail USB, mobile accessories or even tablets.

Gifts for workers: Gift cards

Before we talked about Netflix and make no mistake, we are hooked to the screen. If you want to have an original detail, there are no better gifts for workers than subscriptions to streaming video platforms. Let's not forget the musical field with platforms like iTunes, Spotify or Deezer. We can even think of XBOX Live Gold or PlayStation Plus for the most hardcore employees. Offer one month of access to any of these platforms to your workers! It's cheap and it's very, very satisfying.

Gift cards with credit for purchase and sale platforms are a very flexible detail. It's like giving away real money! The workers will choose which product they want. Platforms like Amazon, Google Play or iTunes allow you to enter the credit to buy products in your database. You don't want to leave out the gamers? Then deliver Steam cards! Give them the opportunity to be entertained with the best video games after leaving the office. The balance between work and leisure is essential!

Solidarity Gifts

According to Intermón OXFAM, a corporate gift of solidarity transmits happiness and helps to change lives. For example, this NGO offers physical or electronic greeting cards with which to give best wishes to employees, customers, and suppliers. These cards report that a donation has been made through the NGO to boost relief efforts in the poorest countries. There is no better way to stoke the Christmas spirit than remembering our responsibilities to the needy. In addition to all this, we can deliver personalized agendas to start the year in an organized way.

While it is true that you have to adapt to a budget, having some kind of detail is always beneficial for the morale of the staff. Follow our advice or cheer up and be original. Surprise the workers and further enhance the joy of a well-deserved vacation!

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