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Call center jobs are preferred by students, as they allow for a great deal of flexibility in the work schedule, compared to many other areas. And even if it seems easy, the work is more complex and complies with several rules. Most of the time, a job in a BPO company is seen as a chance at a first salary during the faculty, or as a transition to another field. However, if you follow the rules and understand the opportunities that this job offers, a BPO will provide you with the ideal environment for a successful career.

Here are the best tips offered by the Loadjobs Group team, those who want to engage in a BPO company on a voice call - call center project.

1. First, you need to understand what involves a job in a call center. Because working on a flexible schedule, you have to prove discipline in adapting your timetable. You need to have communication skills and the ability to do more actions at the same time. Because you work with clients, you have to be strong of character, as there will be situations in which you will take the call of an angry customer.

A foreign language, an advantage! BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and BPO2 (Business Process Optimization and Outsourcing) offer services to foreign clients. So it is essential to know how to speak a foreign language.

2. Learn from older colleagues or supervisors!

Take advantage of the oldest experience in your company! Be sociable, quickly integrate into a team and learn from your colleagues the tips that will help you do the job right. And if they are reluctant or have no time, call for help from the supervisor. Even though he is, most of the time busy, he has gone through your job. So, if it happens to take a break at the same time, ask questions! Ultimately, it is also beneficial for all team counselors to deliver the best results!

3. To master the technology used in the shortest possible time

It's not enough to know how to work on a computer (in Excel, PowerPoint, Word or OneNote). In a company that provides BPO services, programs are more complex. But if most young people learn in a very short time how to work with them, and you will succeed!

4. Learn to be punctual!

If you choose to work in a Call Center you need to know that punctuality is needed every day. This is a rule required by all BPO service providers, especially voice call centers. Because you have to answer the calls, even breaks have to be taken on the basis of a program. This program ensures that there is enough staff at all times to be able to answer calls. It is a rigid rule, however, essential for the smooth running of a call center.

Remember how unpleasant it was for you as well when you phoned a company's customer service and were left with many waiting times because they were not available operators. The client's behavior towards the company is influenced not only by the products/services offered but also by its experience with the customer service.

5. Improve your communication!

When you talk to a customer, it is necessary for them to understand what you are saying. Speak clearly, slower and as far as possible without getting embarrassed. Use a professional tone so that all customers trust what you are telling them, prove that you master the field and that you can help without problems. Do not pick up the tone when your client is upset, you do not have to get angry, but to resolve the situation as effectively as possible.

Do not forget! You represent the company the customer calls, so you have to show professionalism on every occasion.

6. Clarify why you have been called.

There are very often situations where customers call a Call Center without knowing how to explain the issue or the reason. So first of all, it clarifies the problem they called. He may not know well enough to explain or feel comfortable talking to an unknown person. In these situations, your communication skills will make the difference and solve this hindrance.

And, no matter how upset the customer is, do not interrupt it, no matter how much you are tempted! Let him present the whole issue! Such a client, if he feels treated without respect, can mean a less client for that company!

7. Learn how to address questions to find out how to provide the best solution

When you need information, use an open question, but use "exact".

For example: Instead of asking, "Can you please tell me when the problem started?", Use: "Can you please tell me when the problem exactly started?" This word will cause the customer to refer to the concrete moment of occurrence of the problem and will bring you closer to the context.

Closed questions will help you control the situation and provide a solution in the shortest possible time.

8. Do not forget the wait button!

Even if you cover your helmet by hand, the customer can hear you! Always use the button to put it on hold if you feel that you need the help of another colleague or supervisor.

9. Stay connected with the company's activities!

Enter daily on the company's website, read the emails you receive from supervisors, log on the intranet and be informed about the events/events or changes that are announced.

10. Do not give up!

There will be many situations, especially in the early days, when you will want to abandon yourself. But do not give up! Remember that all jobs are difficult at first, and the real rewards come from your dedication and perseverance.

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