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IT is still an attractive area for people looking for a job or in a process of professional reconversion.

Specialists in this field are highly sought after around the world, and the financial benefits and not only exceed the standards in general compared to what happens in other fields of activity.

Training courses in IT

In order to get to work in this field, however, you need preparation, on the chosen branch of specialization. You can focus on programming courses, some of the greatest opportunities you can have a Web Designer, Desktop Apps or Mobile Apps Developer.

If you do not want to practice in the field of programming, you can turn to jobs like Network Administrator, System Administrator, Network Analyst, Database Administrator, Network Technician.

The good news is YES, you can learn even if you do not have a higher education in the field, but you want to get into the world of IT.

Where can I do IT training?

Probably you know that saying "if you want to learn, do you learn anywhere"? Specialization courses can be found both online and physically in specialized centers. If you are the kind of person who best assimilates by learning alone, trust with the resources you can find in the online environment from authorized sources. You will surely find a great deal of valuable information to help you progress and want to learn more about your chosen area of specialization. Do not forget about the importance of practice. Choose to complement your online resources with the experience of a trainer, an IT engineer who will guide you and help you with practical applications. Surely this mix of learning will propel you to the much-desired job.

If you want to learn with a teacher, there are many IT training providers, where you can find a wide range of courses both in the field of networking and programming. you can also benefit from counseling and mentoring to choose the best direction for a future career in this field. Moreover, you will see courses in the IT Career Start-up program, which have the ultimate goal of integrating trainees into an internship or even getting a job.

Internship and employment opportunities

Over time, many trainees have confirmed that their professional career has been influenced by opening up internship and engagement opportunities even in situations where they did not have previous experience in this field but through study, determination and desire to grow have managed to make an impressive leap from the junior IT student stage.

Now that you've seen that you can, are you curious about the benefits of an IT job? Discover them below!

The benefits that IT employees receive

Specialized training courses supported by the company

IT specialists are among the most valuable resources in a profiled company, which is why there is great emphasis on supporting their professional development. There are companies that offer the opportunity to participate in trades, especially technical but also non-technical, such as language courses.

Technical teams, and beyond, can take part in specialized training in various technologies, training which is fairly high but fully borne by the company.

Medical subscriptions at private clinics

Medical subscriptions are one of the most desirable benefits generally available to employees by the company. There may be complex medical subscriptions with or without collaborations with medical/dental clinics, to complement services already provided to team members, plus discount packages.

Participating in sporting events

In general, IT companies actively support the participation of team members in various marathons and sports competitions to further develop team spirit and constructive competition.

Teambuilding and team outings

Not a few times you can be invited to city outings with the team, participate in one or two team buildings each year, or join a company where they celebrate big seas there for big occasions, but and small.

The flexibility of the work schedule

Another benefit you can find in IT companies is the ability to work from home without having a preset number of remote work days per week or per month. As long as the activity does not involve physical presence in the office, the company can grant each one autonomy

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