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For many, there is no difference between a resume and a CV, but for your employer sure is! What you should you write and where do you send a CV and where a resume. 

Being a job seeker creates the need to know more about the tools which you can use to work in the wanted domain. Sounds hard? It is not so difficult as it sounds, but you should be careful when you interact with your employer. Curriculum Vitae or the common CV is a form, let’s say, which a comprehensive document about your education, experience, awards or publications. On the other side, we have the resume which presents only the work experience and brief information about your skill and education.

For many, reading your CV before sending it to your future employer cannot seem like an important task to keep in mind. But when you go to an interview, this is the base of the discussion which will develop your chances to get the job. Most of the time, people pay no attention to their resume. It really matters how well it is written and often this aspect makes the difference. It is very important to make a correlation between what you say and what is noted in your resume.

Why is important to have both?

When you have some experience already, and you want to get your future employer attention then if you have 10 pages… his attention may fly away. For many employers having a resume can create a simpler way of knowing if the candidate is a good fit for the position or not. Also, it changes the recruiting process into a much simpler and shorter one. Either way, if they want to know more, then they will ask for a CV also.

Another important aspect is to figure out the type of resume you need to use to get the post you are applying for. For that you need to know that there are several types of CVs: 

• chronological, 

• functional, 

• focused 

• professional.

On the other hand, the summary needs to adapt to the job requirements. For that, you need to reach the most important elements of your professional experience. You cannot let the employer lose a future employee just because there is no suitable presentation of your experience accordingly to the job you want.

What do you do when you don’t have experience in creating a resume?

Many have only a CV, letting the resume to be forgotten. Because the CV can be from 2-3 pages to 20 pages of professional achievements, the resume should be one page in general. Being a student or just be in the situation to look for your first job, makes you think “how do I create this document?!”.

The CV highlights the experiences gained throughout our lives, whether they have been acquired in a formal context (school, university), non-formal (voluntary, internship) or informal (media, internet). Practically, it is a way of self-presentation in writing, in which personal and professional qualities are exposed in an attractive manner. It is necessary for this document to be well conceived, so it requires a thorough introspection.

Good news! If you don’t have the time or you don’t know how to create from scratch your CV/ resume you can try resume writing job. This service will bring you all you would dream about, but of course, you need to talk with your writer and deliver all the relevant information which you have to create the best CV ever. In this situation, you don’t need to worry that you didn’t reach all the important aspects of that you forgot something. Having some help from resume companies will keep your chances high!

What is the best option?

Depending on your employer demands you need to present the one or the other. But keep in mind that you need to upgrade your CV each time your experience changes. This is even more important when you have your CV online for employers to find you. The same rule applies to the resume.

Because of the main difference between the two documents – the quantity and the quality of the information written, you need to be honest with your potential employers, but don’t forget about a drop of creativity.

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