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The phone interview has become an increasingly common practice among companies in recruitment and selection processes. Being a preliminary selection tool, the phone interview has the role of identifying those candidates that best fit the position being put to the contest.

It is considered an effective tool because it saves both the time of the candidate who does not have to go to the company headquarters and the employer who is asking very specific questions can find out enough about the candidate. And then it can decide whether or not it is appropriate for that job.

So it is an elimination step and needs to be treated with the utmost seriousness by the candidates because it is a first opportunity to present to a potential employer.

The first step that should be taken to conduct a phone interview is to set it up. Carefully choose the day, the time interval, and the place where the interview will take place. Find a quiet place so you can be sure you can concentrate and there is no risk of someone distracting you.

Once this important detail has been established, here is what you need to be careful about in a telephone interview:

1. Language skills

If it is a job that requires a good knowledge of a foreign language, then you can be sure that part of the phone conversation will take place in that language. Get ready for this stage and try to manage your emotions so you can pass this language skills test well.

2. Details of the issues mentioned in the CV

During a telephone interview, there may not be enough time to go over your entire CV, so the recruiter can ask you to detail either a specific project or the experience of a particular job. Try to include in your dialogue examples as relevant as possible for your professional background, but also for the job you applied for. Present your acquired skills as positively as possible.

3. Attitude

Another goal of the phone interview is to catch a glimpse of how you interact with unknown people. So watch the tone, the diction, the vocabulary you use, the breaks, the interruptions, and how you get over them. Also, the energy that you transmit when you talk about the new role you are calling for is equally important. Try to ask any clarification questions about the job, responsibilities, projects, showing your interest.

If you take care of these issues, the telephone interview will certainly be much easier and will be your open door to the organization you applied for.

Loadjos Group wishes you great success!

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