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Job search is usually a tedious task regardless of the area in which each performs, but in my opinion, designers have a great advantage over other professionals to do the search, we can call the attention of employers, more easily, even, make them ask us to work for them (this applies if you're good at what you do).

Create a good design portfolio

Make sure you only put your best work, it is better to put quality than quantity; Please do not fill it with the first-semester work of the university or with the exercises of the drawing class. It is not bad to put university works, as long as they have an approach to something that you can get to do in the working world. If you still do not have your portfolio created.

Design a great designer's resume

The curriculum, along with your portfolio is the presentation sheet of yours in front of potential employers, so be sure to make a VERY GOOD resume, you can start by creating a job seeker account here on Loadjobs and create your professional resume in less than 10 minutes.

Give good management to social networks

If you are a designer who uses Twitter to insult your current or previous employers, to post how much stupidity occurs to you as "I love doing nothing!" Or just post photos of your spectacular meals, or your Pinterest is full of images unrelated with design, the clothes that you would like to wear or geeks jokes, do not even think about giving the link of your social networks to your future employers, do not put it in your portfolio to be followed or on your resume, or think of it. On the contrary, well-used social networks are an excellent cover letter.

Use Twitter to show that you are an active person in the field of design, use it to share tips, pages, concepts, whatever you think related to the world of design. People do not want to know if you woke up wanting to work or not, but if you may be interested follow you if you are a person who constantly shares good content from the world of design or your portfolio! Twitter is an excellent tool but use it well.

Imagine that you sent your portfolio to a large company and your future boss liked your portfolio but wants to know how you are in your daily life. You did not put links to your social networks in your portfolio so you are calm, but he goes to Google to look up your name and see your Facebook profile where you have pictures smoking, a Twitter full of insults and a Pinterest that looks like a great porn collection, but your portfolio continues to attract attention! However, there is another great designer who is competing with you, but in his Pinterest, there are only boards of Web Design, Illustration, Photography and Graphic Design, in his twitter he shares some very good design links and has his profile of Facebook sees nothing that compromises him, what image can it take? That is an active person, who is all the time looking for new references and knows the current design trends. Just seeing that you can know if you have good taste for the design and how active and committed you are to your profession.

Become known as a designer

Creating your personal portfolio is not enough if you want to be contacted by a large company. The best way to rain your work is by showing how good you are to the world. Share your work in Behance, in Dribbble, in social networks, send the link of your portfolio to different specialized design blogs to make an article about you (to us every day we get links from very good talents who want us to show their I work in our blog and obviously the good ones we publish them). Create a name and have people follow you. Create a design blog, what better way to share your experiences and knowledge than creating a blog? Participate in calls, this is a fabulous way to make your name in the world of design begins to sound (do not confide contest call, in contests assholes if you do not participate).

Contact the companies where you would like to work

Whatever your dream, no matter if it's working for Google, for a video game company or in a startup that catches your attention, contact them! Go to their websites and see if they have open job offers if they do not, it does not matter, do not falter, enter Linkedin and try to find who is the head of the department you want to work. It is more effective to look for who can be your future boss and send a message saying:

Good afternoon xxxxxxx, my name is xxxxxx,

I am a graphic designer specialized in xxxxxxx and I would love to work for your company. I was visiting your website and saw that you have no vacancies at the moment, however, I would like to send you my portfolio so that I could take into consideration if it could be useful. Portfolio: xxxxxxxxx

Thank you very much for the attention and I hope not to bother you.

If your portfolio is good and calls your attention, you will be aware of it, I assure you.

This strategy is much more effective than sending your resume to an email [email protected], where they will receive it and put you on a list along with 100 other people who want to work there and if you have a lot of luck, one day they can call you.

Do not look for employment only on conventional sites, the best companies do not even bother to publish in those employment websites. Search on Twitter, hashtags are very helpful. Visit the Facebook or Twitter pages of the companies to find out if they have a vacancy.

I hope these tips can help you in your job search, however this only works, if you are a good designer and have a large portfolio, so to make a portfolio worthy of envy and to find the job of your dreams! Once you are contacted, you should know how to go to the job interview.

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