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Job descriptions are used to articulate the profiles of employees and candidates in the selection processes in achieving the objectives of the organization, this means that they should be part of the strategy of the same. The description of a job delimits functions, allows a division of the right work and assigns responsibilities within the organization.

What is a job?

The job could be defined as the grouping of all those activities carried out by a single employee that occupy a specific place within the organizational chart of the organization. We can say then that the job description is nothing more than listing in detail the tasks and responsibilities that conform to it and in this way differentiate one position from the others.

A good job description will be very important when attracting suitable candidates; In addition, you must clearly convey the requirements of the position to the possible candidates.

It is also important to clarify the difference between certain terms commonly used in the analysis and description of jobs:

Element: It is the minimum indivisible unit of work.

Task: Individualized and identifiable activity as different from the rest.

Function: a set of tasks, performed by a person, that form a defined area of work. They usually maintain a relation of physical or technical proximity between themselves.

Obligation: this is the name given to the various commitments a person can make in an organization.

Position: It is one or more functions that are organized to constitute a new unit of higher order and adopt a hierarchical position in the organization. It can also be defined as "a unit of organization that entails a group of duties and responsibilities that make it separate and distinct from the others".

Occupation: classes of positions that can be found in different organizations and that are very similar to each other. This term is related to the professional qualification of individuals, which enables them to perform certain jobs.

Description of the job

To make a good description of a job, we must include the following aspects:

  1. Objectives of the position: what role does it play and what are its objectives in the organization?
  2. Description of tasks: what activities are carried out on a regular, periodic or occasional basis? How often are they performed? How much time do you dedicate to each one?
  3. Relationships: with what other departments does it relate? Is it a regular, periodic or occasional contact?
  4. Availability: is availability necessary to travel? Does it require a transfer?
  5. Documentation: what documents are usually handled? What documents are generated?
  6. Environment: in what environmental conditions does the work happens?
  7. Risks: are there risks of accidents at work? How long are employees exposed to a risk? Do the tasks endanger third parties?
  8. Dedication: what is your schedule? Are there limitations for the enjoyment of holidays? Are we working on weekends?
  9. Integration: what initial training is required to cover the demands of the position? Is it part of a career plan? Is there a welcome plan?
  10. General observations: in this section, the people dedicated to the analysis of positions will reflect the outstanding aspects that they have observed and that is worthy of mention.


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