How to Use Your Table at the Job Interview

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The tablet can provide inventive candidates with an advantage during job interviews.

One of the most important rules that candidates participating in an employment interview must observe is to stop their mobile phones before talking to recruiters. However, technological progress in recent years has changed some of the rules on electronic devices that candidates can use during an interview.

The tablet is one of the technological devices you can use to better present your qualities to the interviewer, writes Fortune. For example, if you work as a web designer, you can show the recruiter on your tablet some of the sites you've created. Moreover, no matter where you work, a tablet can visually support your work. Whenever you can use a chart to illustrate the process you used to meet a specific goal or a graph of the results of your latest project.

The tablet should be used only after you have identified the interviewer's expectations from you. Want to introduce yourself as a leader, good colleague, innovator, or as a person who can easily solve a problem? Once you have determined how you would like the man in front of you to see you, you can find or create some graphic elements to present to the interviewer through your tablet.

Some tips for using the tablet correctly in a job interview:

- Ask the recruiter if you can use the tablet during the interview;

- Encourage your partner or discussion partners to navigate through your information so that the process is interactive;

- Ensure that the interviewer can see at any time the information you submit to him/her;

- Before the interview, set the tablet so that during the talks they will not receive notifications from others.`

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