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What is the emotional salary?

We understand as emotional salary all the unpaid benefits economically offered by companies to their employees, apart from a salary at the end of the month. The objective of the emotional salary is to get the job to morally fill the expectations of the employee so that he/she sees the possibility of growing in the company and wants to stay in the company for a long period of time.

Although sometimes it is hard to see, we are facing a generation that gives more importance and value to the reconciliation of family and work life than the economic retribution. For this reason, emotional salary plays a fundamental role when it comes to loyalty talent.

Currently, productivity is not linked to the hours an employee spends in his job, but in his motivation. It is clear that one of the main motivations is still money, but in recent years, workers value more having a tight salary but having time for them, than earning large amounts of money and not having time for themselves or their family. Therefore, emotional motivation has become of paramount importance so that companies can continue to guarantee productivity and efficiency.

The goal is to get both company and employee to win and avoid "pirate" employees, that is, those who only occupy a job because of the economic offer, and this, sooner or later, will cause them to leave the company in case you get a better offer. Next, we will see the types of emotional salary that can be carried out.

Types of emotional salary

When it is decided to carry out emotional salary strategies in a company, it is because it is interested in retaining talent, making workers feel comfortable. We can talk about 6 types of emotional salary more important.

1. Give the opportunity to grow within the organization

Most workers seek their own success both personally and professionally, for this reason, it is important that workers feel and see that although they have started from the bottom, they have the opportunity to grow and move up positions within the company. Trying to improve day by day and see that your efforts are rewarded, is certainly a motivation for him.

2. Important, help personal and professional development

A good way to keep workers loyal is giving them the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. An example would be to offer them professional training within the company itself. This will not only be beneficial for the company since it will have trained and updated workers in their job, but will help the employee to expand their knowledge and improve their skills, and as a result, will be more productive.

3. Promote good vibes

Working in a relaxed and non-conflictive work environment is important so that the employee is comfortable and wants to stay in an organization. In addition, it is important for the company to encourage teamwork and develop a good company culture.

4. The culture and values of the company must be consistent with the employee

It is important that employees feel that they are part of something they believe in and agree with. A company that contracts already having in mind the values and culture of the company, is more likely to hire the ideal candidate and stay for much longer in the company.

5. Offer facilities for the reconciliation of personal life with work life

For a worker to feel comfortable and motivated, it is important to have flexible working hours, days off to be able to assist the doctor, nurseries in the company, among many other options. Without a doubt, the quality of life is a decisive point for the worker. This will depend on whether or not you want to stay in the company.

6. Give the employee the possibility to take part in the decisions of the company

Having the opinion of employees makes them feel part of a project. This causes them to feel motivated to get involved and contribute new ideas or improvements that can be both beneficial for the company itself, but also for the employees themselves.

Examples of emotional salary

We present different examples of emotional salary that can be carried out within a company.

More flexible hours and a good work environment

Having flexible schedules that allow work and professional life to be reconciled will be a great incentive to retain workers. In addition, a relaxed, positive, motivating work environment with great companionship and cooperation will help the worker feel, not only a fundamental part of the company but also more productive and efficient.

Child care in the company

Many companies know that combining work and family life is not easy, and there are already organizations that have opted to create daycare centers in their own companies or managing the so-called "daycare ticket", a ticket that can be redeemed in some centers for children and so leave it to the care of a professional while the parents are at work.

Team Building

Team Building or activities for employees can be a good way to encourage emotional salary. Performing activities for workers that make them disconnect and recharge the batteries will undoubtedly increase efficiency and productivity.

Include meals in contracts

One of the main expenses of the day to day for a person is the feeding, for this, to include in the contract a free dining room can help to reduce much the monthly expense.

Internal training in the company

As previously mentioned, ensuring the professional and personal growth of the employee can help an organization to build loyalty. In addition, for the company, it is an investment for the future, since it is committed to a job well done. Training for companies is one of the most important aspects to build employee loyalty.

Free days

A good way to build loyalty and attract talent is to offer the employee the possibility of having rest days. In this way, we guarantee that the employee is not exhausted and has the energy and motivation to continue with his work. There are companies that have started to take advantage of employees' birthdays to give them the day off.

Allow pets at the workplace

Some companies begin to allow their employees to bring their pets to the office. This is beneficial for both the employee and the company, as the animal will not be left alone and will bring joy to the company.

Physical activities

Exercising helps to clear the mind and strengthen the body. It is a good way to end stress and end bad eating habits. Including discounts to go to the gym or offer yoga or other physical activities in the company before starting or after finishing the workday will undoubtedly relieve employees of day-to-day stress.

These are some ideas and examples to encourage or boost the emotional salary in a company. Can you think of any more? Do not hesitate to share it!

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