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The summer started and you have finished college exams. Even if you feel some fatigue and need some rest, you probably think you have to find work during the summer. And, if you're going to hire for a job to have the prospect of continuing to work even after the end of the summer, the better.

Recruitment specialists from Loadjobs advise you not to delay the start of a job search.

Even if you need a rest period, it is unlikely that you are called to the interview the very day after you submit your resume. In other words, you will have at least a few days after exams to rebuild your forces somewhere in the mountains or the sea. Attention, however, at least be careful when receiving calls on your phone and check your mail at least once a day when you are away.

The good news is that during the summer you have a good chance of finding your job. Before you start looking for it, however, take some time to organize. Ask what you want to get: some pocket money, a certain amount of money for a purchase or a trip, fun or long-term job? You are the person who has to make this decision according to your current needs. Once you've learned exactly what you want to do, the next step is to set your goal of finding a job, in a specific field, possibly at a particular company and on a particular salary.

People who want to work only during the summer can choose a job in the catering service or in a hotel that needs seasonal workers.

But you can find a good job even if you want to hire yourself in the long run. That's because the summer is the time when staff moves. As a rule, employees who plan to change their jobs, expect to take their well-paid leave, then go to the new job for which they slapped their hands. So, in the months that follow, keep an eye on hiring sites, because many interesting ads will appear.

Do not forget to ask your friends and your knowledge and your parents if they know any jobs available. You also know that many companies prefer to increase or supplement their team by inviting people who somehow guarantee for the people they recommend.

Another option is to send your resume directly to the Human Resources department of the company you want to work with. An honest and well-written letter of intent, accompanied by a good resume, can propel you to the list of candidates for vacancies.

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