How can you prove that you deserve a promotion?

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After too much time spent in the same position in the same organization or department, anyone who wants to move forward, get involved in more projects and be rewarded for them. Even if you do not feel 100% ready to take on new responsibilities and attributions, it is worth trying, because if you show more potential than your colleagues, your manager will not hesitate to support you and give you support.

If you find yourself among those who feel that you do not have to stay too far in a position and want to grow professionally, then our advice may be of use to you.

Show the manager you can do more

The decision to ask a manager for a promotion does not have to come from one day to the next. You should think long before because promotion is not so easy. Your direct superior needs you to prove that you are able to take on more attributions. So, get on the job and prove you have the skills needed for a higher position than the current one.

Participate in courses and training

Your involvement in various job activities will also help your manager decide whether you deserve to be promoted or not. Organizations in Romania appreciate people who want to progress in their careers, so they provide employees, training, or workshops for both professional and personal development.

But keep in mind that your manager can see if you only get involved with his eyes. Participate in these courses for you, for they will be of use in the long run. You need to be aware that promotion means more work, involvement, more time management, multitasking and even the ability to work with people.

Improve your relationship with your colleagues

Your promotion could become a frustration for other less involved colleagues, so it would be good for you to improve your relationships with the people in the office and prove that you deserve a higher position. Also, in this way, you will be able to ask for a helping hand in your new job and you will surely know that you will not be denied.

Let the discussion about money in charge of manager

With the new position, we know you're expecting a higher wage. But your superior does not want to hear when he wants to promote someone. He wants to know how dedicated you are, how capable and how much you want more activities or projects. Leave the discussion about money for another time, because he also knows that promotion also means a higher salary.

After you have succeeded in attracting the manager's attention, the promotion will not delay appearing. But don't wait for him to come to you with a proposal, you take the initiative. And although things learn on the go, you should feel first you prepared for such a change, even if not 100%. A new position means more than just changing the name of the job, because it comes with more tasks, but also with a greater need to develop new skills.

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