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Even if you are supposed to have applied for a job that you would like to have, a job similar to the position you now have with another company or complementary to your work experience so far, you still have to prepare yourself for the scheduled interview. No worry, however, training does not last long or requires no resources other than an Internet connection.

Applying for a new job requires some extra work. Most of the time it means you have to complete your CV with the latest professional information, if not the portfolio itself, and sometimes it even means you have to write a letter of intent, which sounds easy, but it takes a lot longer than you would expect every time.

Assuming you read the job description carefully before applying and completing your CV and writing your intention message accordingly, you should at least theoretically be prepared to support your candidate position. In practice, it sometimes happens that the interview is scheduled a few weeks after you apply, so it does not hurt to recall your job requirements and read more about the company either one evening before or on the way to the headquarters of the organization invited you to the meeting. For optimal results, you can structure your ideas in the following way:

1. Remember your job requirements (5 min)

Are you sure you did not miss something from your job ad? Read it carefully and highlight the issues you are best at, as well as issues that are less familiar to you to get an overview of the employer's expectations. Compare these requirements with your resume and think quickly about the possible questions your recruiter might have on the basis of these.

2. Find more information about the company (10 min)

Even if you've documented the company at the time of application, it's good to refresh your memory with some new details. Search the company's website, its Facebook page, and LinkedIn and read more about the organization's mission, its values, and team.

3. Prepare your own questions (5 min)

Depending on the information you find or you do not find, prepare some questions about the additional things you want to know: how many people are in your department, someone will be your direct manager (if you get the job) who are the busiest periods of the year at work, etc. If you think a bit about the shortcomings of the other jobs you have had and how tender the company you are applying for now, you will surely find some very good questions to ask the recruiter.

4. Prepare a small speech about your qualities (10 min)

Imagine that you are entering an elevator with the manager of a company that you would like to work on. What would you tell him about you to convince him to hire you as you climb a few floors? This exercise is known as "elevator pitch", a personal presentation that should not last longer than a minute. In the interview, the recruiter already knows a little about your level of experience and knowledge, so think about the qualities that are not so easily seen in a resume. Prepare to describe these qualities, plus two or three previous experiences in which you have proven to be the ideal candidate.

Treat the interview seriously, even before you attend the company that invited you to the meeting, and see how half an hour of preparation can bring you surprising results and leave the recruiter an impression of note 10. Now that you are ready for the interview, all you have to do is go to and apply for your next job!

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