Five steps to setting a dress code at work

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Do you work in human resources and have to set a dress code for the people in the company? Here are some steps you should follow.

The managers of the company you work in would like to adopt "official" gown, but do not know what to choose: suit or jeans and jersey? So they decided to turn to you, the human resource specialist, to find the best option. Here are five simple steps that will get you closer to choosing the right dress code for your job.

Clothes reflect the culture of the organization

A dress code should be in line with your business, writes Forbes magazine. For example, if your employer works in IT & C and has a lot of young employees, maybe it would not be a good idea to ask people to come to work in suit and tie. Also, the style of dress should apply equally to all employees, regardless of the occupied position. So make sure you do not force managers to dress formally, while non-executive employees can come to work in their T-shirts because you risk creating tensions in the company.

Listen to the employees 

The dress code of a company is an extension of the organization's brand. Ask the employees who are dissatisfied with the company's policy regarding the company's attitude to express their opinions and make sure that you take into account the opinions of all people. Thus, the adoption of a dress code will take place very quickly and without dispute.

Occasion traces your direction

Managers are the guys, so if they dress in broken jeans and shirts, the other employees will think it's okay to have a similar style of dress. Even if your organization does not interact with customers very much, it's important that all employees follow one direction when they sell clothes. So a very good strategy for setting the clothing style of the organization would be for employees to take the opportunity. Thus, if an employee has a meeting with an important client, it would be good to wear the suit. Instead, if a company man meets with a student, it would be advisable to opt for a more friendly fit, such as a pair of jeans and a shirt or shirt.

Dressing for success

Think about the company's clothing policy as a way to teach the people in the organization how to dress up so that they are successful in their career. Remind employees that the way they dress can help them succeed in the positions they occupy.

Make sure you need a dress code

Before you start off with setting up a dress code in the organization, make sure you understand why you need it. Is it because some employees dress more "colorful" as if they were at the beach? If the answer is yes, maybe it would not hurt to have any discussions with those employees first of all. If you find that a dress code is needed in your company, ask your employees to come up with suggestions.

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