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Do you know what email marketing is and what is it for? We will begin with a brief description of what it is. Email marketing consists in sending a message of commercial nature directly using the email of a client. This method has a series of objectives, such as sending ads, getting sales or donations, getting or increasing the trust or loyalty of customers, giving a certain brand notoriety. With the help of SMS marketing, the marketing strategy improves, such as the API SMS, which allows you to send SMS massively.

Why Should you use the email marketing in a company

1. It is profitable

Email marketing is much cheaper than other communication channels since it is a channel that works directly, it can be used for any type of business and it is also possible to send mass emails. The most important thing to do a good email marketing campaign is to have a database of the company and a good strategy to achieve the objectives they have raised.

2. It is practical and simple

As I mentioned before, it is much more effective than other communication channels such as social networks. Besides being simpler than these, it has a lower cost when making an investment.

3. It is easy to access

It makes our life easier since emails can be accessed from any electronic device. Therefore, we must always bear in mind that the reading of the email for the user must be clear and precise. You always have to take into account the responsive design, so that the emails adapt to the screen of all the devices.

4. Can be customized

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is the possibility of sending mass emails, but nowadays if you want your business to be successful you must customize the emails for each client, according to your tastes and preferences and email marketing allows you the possibility to do this. It is totally measurable since we can see the impact that the emails are having in real time.

5. You can complement it

Another of the great benefits of using email marketing is the use of SMS marketing, the sending of text messages in order to achieve some goal for certain campaigns. The great advantage of the SMS in front of the email is that the user opens it almost instantaneously, while the email can take hours and even days to open.

This method is perfect for urgent matters, such as when remembering an appointment, but you should never abuse this method, as we could saturate the user with so much information.

The best thing about using this method is that you contact the client directly without intermediaries. Further. Implementing the use of marketing SMS in the internal communication of the company is a great tactic so that each employee receives the correct information at the right time.

Therefore, email marketing is a very easy and affordable way to achieve customer loyalty and get more, but if you want to make it more effective, the use of SMS marketing will help you improve the strategy, so you will get better results in a way internal and external.

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