Do you think you're on the brink of being fired? Here are six clear clues

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Finding a job can take even a few months, so it's important to know how to keep the current one. But things do not always come as we would like. So we're in the situation of being on a firing stage. Here are the clues to anticipate your possible dismissal.

The first sign that should raise questions about your future in the company is that they ignore you. Specifically, do not consult you as before, when it comes to decisions in your field of activity. A sign that they want to fire you is that it ignores your opinions, proposals, or initiatives.

Did not you count on the latest promotion in the company or department? This may be a sign that your bosses do not trust your future and that you will be fired.

Your colleagues get a salary increase, but you do not. If the bosses do not give you a salary increase without taking you into consideration, you might think they are thinking of firing you. At the same time, the situation may be a clue that will stimulate you to make a bigger effort to get better results.

When your boss directly treats you with contempt or rejects you every time, he speaks rude or makes you an appointment at work, it is an obvious sign that you will soon be separated from this team. It is difficult to work under such conditions and there are only two alternatives: dismissal or resignation.

Does your team manager put you in a bad light in front of your colleagues? Here's another sign that you can pretend to be fired. If at the meeting the boss only highlights your mistakes, ignoring the achievements you have, or if he goes to your office always reproaches you have to think about the possibility that he intends to fire you.

Do you have a newer colleague in the firm who is promoted in before you? Either a subordinate of yours got a quick promotion? These are two other signs that can announce the dismissal. There are clear signs from the bosses that they do not trust your skills and are preparing to replace you. And if you do not take up your attitude and do not improve your performance, these alarm signals will materialize and lead you to your dismissal.

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