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The design and functionality of your workspace can contribute to your productivity. If it looks boring and uninspiring, you might have a hard time motivating yourself to do some serious work. If it’s not functional, you might find yourself stressed-out because of clutter and inefficiency in your workspace. 

Now is a good time to transform your workspace. Here are some tips that you would want to try: 

Buy Ergonomic Work Equipment and Furniture 

Ergonomic office furniture can help you work better because they offer more comfort. You can alleviate common body pains experienced when you sit in an uncomfortable chair or type away on a keyboard placed on a table that is too high. 

Choose an office chair that has adjustable features. You should be able to find a comfortable height that will work with the office table you have. Also, make sure that office chair is made from quality and breathable materials to prevent accumulation of heat that can lead to excessive sweating. 

Some office chairs even promote “active sitting”, which is a form of technology that allows your body to move while sitting. See more on

Test the furniture pieces yourself so you can gauge how comfortable they area. 

Organize Your Work Space 

Nothing kills creativity like clutter. Make sure you have ample storage space for all your work essentials. Install open shelving and then use pretty boxes to contain all your smaller paraphernalia. Use dividers or space savers to ensure that your stuff is organized, and you know where to put them back. 

You can also use other materials for shelving. Crates and pallets, for instances, can be turned into shelving units. Buy used crates, sand them down and paint or stain them. You can also keep them in their raw form. Screw the crates to the wall and you have an instant storage space. Keep your books and other office supplies here. 

For pallets, you can sew them up into smaller shelving units and then install them on the wall the same way you did with the crates. They can be used to hold books and magazines or used to display potted plants. 

Small Potted Plants Can Breathe More Life Into Your Office Space 

When in doubt, add plants. Plants never fail to inject a warmer vibe to space so if your office corner is lacking in some serious charm, add potted plants. You can place small potted plants on your desk or on open shelves near your desk. Some greenery also helps relax the eyes, which can help you when you are working long hours. 

Take your inner plant lady to the next level and hang plants as well. There are hanging plants you can buy that will give your office corner a relaxing vibe. Don’t fancy hanging plants? Go for those big potted plants with lush leaves instead. They are a relaxing sight and they are popular these days. 

Have an Inspiration Corner 

When you are at your desk, you would want to be motivated. Rather than the usual cork board, we suggest using a wire grid memo board. It’s easy to make so you can do it yourself if you want to save money. You can clip pictures on this memo board or print out your favorite quotes and hang it here. Put your travel bucket list to remind you of your goals. 

Don’t like wire grid memo boards? Try a pegboard. You can put small open shelves here as well. You can stash small things like pens, tapes, and scissors using a pegboard. 

Go the extra mile and try these design ideas. Transform your office space so you will be more inspired to work.    

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