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How to Talk About Salary at a Job Interview

One of the most delicate moments during a job interview, so to speak, is when candidates have to talk about

The Importance of Highlighting the Skills in the Curriculum Vitae

Do you have doubts about including your skills in the curriculum vitae? In the current world of work, a curriculum vitae that includes only

Attach a Photo in Your Resume Yes or No?

The photos on the CV is one of the aspects that generates the most controversy.

Suitable Small Business Ideas for This Economy

A validity of a business idea depends on several different things. One of them is your ability

5 Tips for Managing Finances at Your Startup

New and small startups always have problems with handling their finances.

What should I study to be a Big Data expert

The Big Data specialist (or Data Scientist) is already considered one of the professional profiles with the most future

Resume vs. CV - What are the differences?

For many, there is no difference between a resume and a CV, but for your employer sure is!