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Real estate agent interview questions and tips

Review a list of frequently asked interview questions for real estate agents, as well as a list of in-demand skills

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Job for designer, how to find it?

Job search is usually a tedious task regardless of the area in which each performs, but in my opinion, designers have a great advantage.

Beauty tips to attend a job interview

The hairstyle, makeup, nails, hands ... Everything counts to get the best personal image in a job interview.

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Tips to be the best cabin crew member on your airline

Cabin crew is the face of the airlines. It is your job to make sure that the flight is as pleasant as possible

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Why I can't find a job? Your CV is why....

I remember some years ago after graduating from university thinking to myself

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8 Tips for inexperienced accountants

Although accounting is one of the most demanded careers by companies from all around the world

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8 Tips for finding work through Social Networks

Who does not have a profile created in one of the social networks today?

How to stay fit and productive while on a business trip

Traveling for pleasure is amazing, you just have to book a hotel and focus on relaxing and having fun

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Top 10 Things that recruiters look for in a Resume

Numerous people are applying for one particular position at a company at any given moment;

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6 Tips to get hired after college

Do you think that once you finish college you will be hired by the company of your dreams?

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How to choose a career that you love

If you have to choose what to study and you do not know how in this article you have all the keys to decide what career to study

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How to find a job easily during the summer

The summer started and you have finished college exams. Even if you feel some fatigue and need some rest

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9 Reasons to change your career as soon as possible

There are studies that suggest that the average stay in a job is four and a half years, and it has been said that a person

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Is it possible to learn a trade at 40?

If you think it is impossible to learn a trade at age 40, it is because you are still not aware

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8 Tips to start with the right foot a job

Starting a new job is the same as the first day of school: you worry about what you are going to wear and if you will make friends

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6 Reasons why you should do an internship

We will reveal you 6 reasons why you should do an internship.

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How to change your CV based on the job you are applying to

If the job you want would be a person, your resume should be the coat that covers it, so you better make the most of it

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How to write a resignation letter with example

Do you want to give up your work and do not know how to do it? Keep reading

How to write a perfect cover letter

Learn to write a cover letter, what information to include, when to deliver it and what data cannot be missing

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5 skills that any college graduate needs to have

Foreign languages and work experience are two of the most important skills that need to be found