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The hairstyle, makeup, nails, hands ... Everything counts to get the best personal image in a job interview.

A job interview is always a moment of nerves and insecurities. In addition to preparing it conscientiously, you must pay attention to your image. Although it should not be the main reference, we know that the personal image is a key aspect in any job interview and is increasingly taken into account.

Although it sounds like a cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you go to an interview, the first thing you see is the image you project. In general, although it depends on the type of work, it is important that your image is as natural and simple as possible.

In addition to carefully choosing the clothes (which have to be clean and well ironed), you should worry about aspects such as hygiene (clean hair, for example, or use a soft perfume), the hairstyle (something very simple, run away from sophisticated hairstyles) and makeup (always in very natural tones).

20 beauty tips to go perfectly to a job interview

  1. It is important that you show a fresh and rested face. So our recommendation is that you sleep 7-8 hours to get up with your best face.
  2. If for some reason it is not possible, you will have to disguise the fatigue of your face, which will mainly be seen in the eyes.
  3. You never go to a job interview with very marked bags, red or swollen eyes. You will not give your interviewers a very good image ...
  4. If you get up with many bags, dark circles or swollen eyes, soak two cotton or make-up remover disks in cold chamomile infusion and put them over your eyes for 10 minutes.
  5. You can also wrap ice cubes in a towel and put them on for 10-15 minutes. In the blog Makeupgeek, you will find more tricks to disguise dark circles and fatigue in the face.
  6. When you have made the swelling disappear, moisturize the eye contour well with a decongestant product. Also moisturizes the skin of the face with your usual serum and moisturizer.
  7. The makeup is key to show a perfect image in the job interview, but you should not spend with him. The makeup should be natural, that helps you correct imperfections and highlight your features.
  8. To conceal dark circles or cover pimples and other imperfections, your ally will be the corrector. Do not apply it in industrial quantities, because you will get the opposite effect to the desired one.
  9. Use a foundation of a tone similar to your skin to avoid the mask effect. The makeup base has to help cover imperfections, homogenize the tone of your skin and give you a good-looking appearance.
  10. Take care of your eyebrows especially, because they are responsible for framing your eyes. Do not overdo the tweezers, remove only a few protruding hairs and comb them with a spiral brush. If the makeup, in a tone similar to the color of your hair.
  11. If you want to apply eyeshadows, use only neutral tones and no shine, a very light eyeliner and a touch of mascara, without leaving clots.
  12. For the lips, flee from the red, fuchsia, burgundy ... Apply a very natural tone, a light pink, a nude, a light brown ...
  13. Also, do not use illuminator and just a touch of rouge on the cheekbones.
  14. A part of the body that you must take care of a lot is your hands. They are your business card and more in the interviews. Hydrate them well and take care of your nails. Escape the extreme styling, the very long nails, pointed, with striking 'nails art' ... If you decide to wear them painted, our advice is a soft tone, a pastel color or simply a shine.
  15. If you wear sandals, you must also take care of your feet: both the heels, to prevent them from being parched and cracked, and the nails, which are more beautiful painted with a soft tone.
  16. And if you do not wear stockings, do not forget to shave your legs and moisturize them to make them look splendid. Do not miss our tips to show off the most beautiful legs when you take off your stockings.
  17. Hair is another key aspect of your personal image. In addition to wearing it perfectly clean, you should wear a simple hairstyle. Our advice is that you wear your hair down. If you manage well with the hair irons, you can make light waves to give some movement and volume to your mane. Nothing exaggerated. If not, simply wash your hair and blow dry to prevent frizz.
  18. Regarding the color, we do not advise you to wear colored wicks: roses, violets ... It is better than you bet for a more sober style and if your hair is colored, it avoids that your roots look of another tone.
  19. Another important subject is tattoos. In this sense, it is advisable that you inform yourself about the policy of the company and if you think it is convenient and your tattoos are too showy or are very visible, that you hide them. Here you will find some simple tricks to hide them.
  20. Use a fresh and soft perfume and, above all, in small doses. Avoid strong and impactful smells.

As you see, in general, it is preferable that you bet on a discreet and simple personal image. A job interview is not the best time to try risky and eye-catching looks.

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