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At present, on the labor market, no one is a beginner in the true sense of the word. There are debutants, but also there is a lot of information and recommendations on how to behave in the interview and how to answer the questions of the recruiter. So avoid these beginner mistakes, whether you're at the first interview or you already have a lot in the quiver of experiences.

One of the most important things you should know about job interviews is that the recruiters in front of you are people. Of course, they have quite a lot of authority in this context in which you want a job in their company, but it should not be forgotten that the interview is, in fact, an open discussion. As long as you actively participate in it and answer honestly, you have a great chance to leave a good impression. Of course, if this idea does not calm you down, then it does not spoil better home preparation and a set of well-defined rules that you can always walk around after you go looking for a job. Discover how to avoid a series of beginner mistakes in the interview below.

Mistake no. 1: You do not know anything about the company or the job

It has happened to me to go for interviews for small companies that have just entered the market, or companies with strong links to the corporate area that did not promote their services directly on their site. It has been hard for me to find information about these firms, but I tried, and when I got the question, "What do you know about our company?" I was able to answer honestly with the minimum of information found and say I'm curious to find out more.

It is extremely important to know what company you are going to, or even what company you are going to hire, both for you personally and for your future plans as well as the recruiter, because it demonstrates that you are really interested in the job. It's all the more important to know what the job requires, so do not hesitate to recite the job announcement when you get the invitation to the interview.

Tip: Copy job announcement to you on your computer as if the employer closes it during interviews to get it quickly.

Mistake no. 2: Be so anxious that it endangers the good course of the interview

As I said earlier, the recruits are also people and will understand your anxiety. So do not combine the panic you feel with the fear that you will leave them a bad impression. Try to calm yourself during the interview and focus on the questions you get.

You also need to understand that if your level of anxiety does not allow you to link two coherent phrases in a response and prevents you from giving the recruiter an overview of how you are at work then you are likely to choose another candidate. It has nothing to do with you personally. The Human Resources Specialist should simply ensure that he chooses the most capable candidate.

Tip: Prepare yourself so well for the interview so you will not be afraid.

3. Mistake no. 3: Do not actively participate in the interview

If the interviewer does not specifically ask you to answer a one-word question, you have to assume that longer answers are indicated. Of course, you do not need to support an entire monologue every time, but it's important to have a coherent speech about your experience, industry and the job you applied to.

It is also essential that you also ask your questions, the job, and the company. First of all, because it tells the recruiter that you are really interested in the position and secondly because it provides you with more information that will help you make a decision when you get the offer. Do you accept the new job or ask for a counterpart from your current employer?

Tip: write your questions on an agenda or phone and do not be afraid to drop the list at the end of the interview.

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