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The photos on the CV is one of the aspects that generates the most controversy. Whether it should be included or not, whether it should be full-body or just face, the type of dress, wearing glasses or hats, appear alone or accompanied, and no doubt with what seniority should be taken the photo.

a) Photos are not required in the CV because they are usually related to detonators to discriminate against professionals. Whether the skin is white or colored, whether it is pretty or ugly, whether I like it or not. These are aspects that can distract the applicant's attention.

b) If you think that your image can benefit and support the content of your CV, then you can place the photo in the CV, at the top of the page, according to the format style you have, but following certain rules of conduct.

c) There are countries like Great Britain that do not accept the use of a photo in the CV. Therefore, find out first before using the photo. You can be rejected for lack of rigor or knowledge.

d) The photo in the CV must be formal, in the style of those used for the passport or visas to other countries. Only the image of the face is used and not the whole body.

e) It is a photo that does not distract the reader from the resume. You should not appear accompanied, or in poses of rest, or on the beach, or with a background that distracts attention from your image.

f) On the face, the eyes are very expressive, so do not hide them with glasses or glasses. The eyes with their brightness transmit energy, and it is very important to show a photo with open eyes and transmitting a positive look.

g) It is not about appearing with laughter or making faces, but in a natural pose, serious and relaxed.

h) It is preferable that the clothing used to photograph you contribute something to the position you apply. For example, if it is a doctor, it is advisable that you wear a white coat, or if you are an executive that does not have short sleeves.

i) No photos with bare shoulders are recommended!

j) The more formal and responsible your image shows in the photo, the better the impact will be for companies or selection areas. So do not abuse do not overdo it.

k) It is assumed that if you show a photo in the CV, it is because it is recent and less than a year. Do not try to use an old photo to show yourself younger or cut out your image from another photo. The only thing he will do is show a lack of commitment and carelessness.

l) It is good to show photos of work done, for example, if you work in the field of interior design it will be very professional to add the photo of a project that has been designed.

Depending on the position or position to which you apply, the use of the photo could be important. For example, if you are dealing with Public Relations, Advertising, selling the Image of the Company, Modeling on the catwalk, being Promoter of products before the Clients, possibly, in the application requirements indicate certain specifications in the image for the applicants. In these cases, if you consider that your photo supports your proposal, use it. But if you have doubts, do not do it, unless they demand it from you.

But for other jobs or jobs, where knowledge and experiences are more important than your image, it is best not to distract the seriousness of your proposal with the use of photos. We certainly do not believe that for an important position and directive, demand the use of the photo in the CV. To send it would be a negative daring, leaving a bad impression.

If you feel safe or secure in your image, you have an attractive figure, you can see a very good impression at first sight, and if you apply to countries like Romania or Denmark, it would be advisable to send your CV with a photo, because they will value it very much, and within your culture prefer those people more physically graceful. Of course, with equal conditions between two candidates. At least you increase the likelihood of being called to the interview.

But when in doubt, it is best not to include the photo in your resume. Either because you do not know the culture and customs of the local country, or because you are not so young, you do not feel so pretty or feel that you could be discriminated against, without giving them the opportunity to know your skills and abilities. Here at Loadjobs we also took all those in the account and we allow our users to decided if they want to upload their photo or if they want to use a predefined photo when they register a candidate account with us.

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