9 Reasons to change your career as soon as possible

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There are studies that suggest that the average stay in a job is four and a half years, and it has been said that a person will change career seven times during his life. So if you feel the need to make a change, do not be scared. It is perfectly normal and can be the fuel you need to achieve success.

Defining a "career change" is somewhat difficult, but I like to think that it means accepting a job in a new industry that allows you to expand your skills. With that in mind, here are 9 reasons why you might need to make this transformation.

1. You did not choose your career

There are many reasons why you can start working in a particular sector. If your motivations had to do with despair, family contacts or other random circumstances, you may need to make a change soon. Do not be afraid to think about jobs that you would not have considered before. Maybe being a freelance designer is not as glamorous as being a banker (for some), but it may be the path you need to follow to be happy.

2. Bad economics hit you

A job in the financial market was very lucrative in 2003, but by the arrival of the 2008 crisis, it had lost its luster. If an economic or technological change affected the field in which you currently perform, you may need to make a change, whether you want it or not. Think about what kind of work will allow you to use your skills in a new way. Just do not panic and accept any job out of fear.

3. You started to like a nascent industry

It does not matter if you are 30 or 60 years old, today there are endless races that did not exist when you were in college. It is time to make the leap to this new industry that has begun to interest you. A career in a nascent sector will allow you to grow quickly, learn new skills and even rekindle the passion you had lost.

4. You've already reached the ceiling

It is possible that you have already reached the highest point of your current career. Sometimes it helps to change companies, but at other times you need to go around 180 degrees. The good news is that good leadership qualities can make you shine in any field.

5. You need more money

Sometimes it happens that the career you thought you want is not able to keep you. It is possible that you may have higher income over time, but if you need to generate more capital (due to family or health situations), then you do need to make a change. Money does not buy happiness, but it is an important part of living a quiet life. No one can deny that there are careers that simply pay more than others.

6. Your talents do not fit with your field

Are you in an increasingly technological industry, but have a hard time following the new digital trends? Are you an employee who wants to be able to put their own rules? You must evolve to another sector if your abilities do not go according to the sector in which you work.

7. Change your perspective

Getting married, divorcing, having children or even a simple trip abroad can make your priorities change drastically. Phillip Moffitt, the CEO of Esquire Magazine, left his career when he was 40 years old to look for a job that will fill him spiritually. The great changes in life can transform your perspective and impel you to change careers.

8. There are no more challenges

If your current job no longer stimulates you, then it may be time to renew your life. Too many people spend entire years of their lives in a job they hate simply because they do not dare to make a real change. You do not spend 60 hours a week on something that does not fill you up. Better, imagine working in other industries that allow you to exploit your full potential.

9. You "burned"

In other words, you already gave everything you had to give in your current career and you feel that you have nothing else to offer. Sometimes it helps to take vacations, but when you get the burn out syndrome (literally, you melt physically and mentally), you need to change direction. The new challenges will revive you and transform your life.

Trying new things can be scary, but you will see that many of your current skills can work very well in another sector. Dare to take the leap!

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