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Starting a new job is the same as the first day of school: you worry about what you are going to wear and if you will make friends. I assure you, this is normal. (And no, that jacket does not make you look fat). To help you ease those nerves typical of the first day and start strong in your position, we have compiled the best tips for your first week at work.

Do not be late

This may seem obvious, but it is the key to success. As Woody Allen said: "Eighty percent of success is being there." It's very simple: being punctual at work makes your boss see that you are still the same enthusiastic person responsible for the interview.

Dress to impress

You have been hired, now is the time to measure up. It is always better to dress more formally at the beginning, but you also have to take into account the culture of the company, nothing shouts as much "novice" as wearing a black suit just ironed the first day of work in a modern emerging company. One way to fit in is to ask your supervisor what the dress code is. (Obvious!).

Listen, listen, listen

You've heard? During your first week, you will receive a lot of new information, so you should spend most of your time listening and digesting all those bits of information, such as where the services are and the coffee machine. Make sure you also ask all the questions you have, which brings us to point 4.

Question, question, question

Is there anything that confuses you or about what you just feel curious about? This is the time to ask questions. Consider the first weeks of your "grace period", your co-workers and your boss will be very willing to answer your questions, so shoot! In addition, there is nothing worse than having to admit, three months late, that you have not understood a complicated process that seemed very simple at the time. If you ask questions you will also show your enthusiasm and interest in the position, which is always good.

Know your business to obtain results

Do you know what is expected of you exactly? If not, this is the first week. Sit with your boss, go beyond the job description and clarify everything that is not well defined. You will see that this will make your job easier and your boss will be impressed by your proactive attitude.

Know your neighborhood

To finish installing, you have to know the surroundings. Where is the best place to eat at a good price? Where is the pharmacy and where are all the people coiled for morning coffee or the stimulant in the afternoon? Knowing these logistical issues will make your workdays much more rewarding.

Leave your personal life at home

We've all gone through it: that persistent WhatsApp icon on your phone asks you to respond, and you're dying to tell your friends about your new job. As tempting as it is, holds on until the break to use your phone. It is very important to make a good impression in your first week, and you will have to avoid using your phone to be aware of your personal emails, Buzzfeed questionnaires or Facebook updates.

Say "Hello, it is a pleasure to know you!" in a high voice and with pride

You may not dare the first few days, and that's normal, seeing hundreds of new faces can turn the most lively and extroverted into a quiet little flower. But it is important that you overcome that shyness and introduce yourself to everyone. You will look like a confident and cheerful person and will help you get off to a good start. Do as much as possible to remember the names of your classmates, because there is nothing worse than having to avoid eye contact with someone because you have forgotten what your name is.

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