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Although accounting is one of the most demanded careers by companies from all around the world, the labor market for recent graduates is not easy: high competition, not very good salaries and precarious labor guarantees are just some of the disadvantages. Therefore, the following tips for inexperienced accountants can be very useful to get you through this stage of your professional life and lay the foundations for your future success. Take note:

1. Be willing to learn

If you are one of those who thinks that because you already have the title and your professional card you know everything about accounting, you are very wrong. At the beginning of your working life you will realize that, in many cases, the theory is far from the work that really takes place in an accounting firm. The university gives you the basics, but it is practice and experience that makes the master-accountant.

2. Be patient and work hard

In line with the previous advice, you can not expect that - as a newly graduated professional - you will be placed in a high position. That does not happen in any area of knowledge unless you are extremely good or have influential contacts. First, you will have to work hard, perhaps for a salary lower than what you deserve. While you are doing it, be patient, work hard and learn daily. Only then will you build your reputation and position yourself in the industry as an accountant with authority, capable of directing his own studio or occupying a management position in a large company, where the monthly remuneration ranges between $ 15,000.000 and $ 55,000.000

3. Do not stop studying

In the world of finance, the ways in which tasks are developed change constantly, so you should stay updated. Additionally, the accounting area is so extensive that there are dozens of courses, seminars, congresses, specializations, masters, and doctorates around it. Having academic training of this kind, without a doubt, will open many doors.

4. Take advantage of your affinity with technology

If currently, you are a recent graduate of the university, you grew up surrounded by technological devices and actively lived the Internet revolution. Make this act play in your favor.

Modern companies look for accountants with special skills, among which is the mastery of information and communication technologies, certain digital tools in the cloud and different accounting software and electronic invoicing. Get ready, because surely you will become an expert in a very short time and you will gain a competitive advantage over those old-fashioned professionals who refuse to use these systems in their working life.

5. Work on being a modern accountant

In addition to the ability to manipulate digital tools, contemporary companies demand that the accountant be proactive, innovative, dynamic and able to contribute with their knowledge in areas as dissimilar -but complementary- as finance and investments. The passive professional who only deals with liquidating accounts and filing tax returns in a corner of the company has gone out of fashion. A long time ago.

6. Think big

It is one of the tips for inexperienced accountants that also applies to all graduates in any area. The fact that at first, you have to accept low-paying jobs and worry more about what you learn than what you earn, does not mean you should stay there for life. Think of the possibility of opening your own studio or of getting to occupy high-ranking positions in reputable companies.

7. Prepare a good CV

This advice applies to newly graduated accountants who have not yet obtained employment. If you do not have work experience, highlight your academic achievements, seminars, congresses and other activities that you have done in the university, but try to be concise. Avoid overloading the resume with irrelevant information that, perhaps, nobody will take the time to read. In fact, it does not hurt to think about doing a small course on curriculum preparation and job interviews.

8. Do not discard the idea of an internship

If getting a job complicates you too much, look for the possibility of an internship. Although you will not receive any remuneration for a few months, it will help you to gain work experience, a factor that is highly valued by companies in your country or abroad.

These are the best tips for inexperienced accountants that, as experts, we can provide. Do not stop applying them during your professional life, because they can make the difference between success and failure. Also, remember that honesty and confidentiality are values that should characterize any accountant.

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