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Who does not have a profile created in one of the social networks today? Maybe you do not know anyone and for that reason, today we bring some tips to find a job through Social Networks.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Google plus, YouTube ... are the most used social networks. Some serve to share videos, others for images with filters, some for professional themes and others for leisure. What is clear is that social networks are the order of the day and are a phenomenon that, today, flood our smartphones and computers with information about us.

Social networks allow us to create and share content, interact with people from all over the world and, of course, develop a web presence. It is clear that if you enter someone's profile you will know more or less their tastes and interests, and sometimes, where they are, where they live, what they study, where they work, if they have a partner... A lot of information.

Do you know that you can also find a job using social networks? That's right, they can also be your best ally to locate your future employment.

Most companies have a presence in social networks. Many of them look for candidates through different social media. So it's time to learn some tips that will help you find a job through Social Networks.

1. Create a plan

We must be aware that social networks are a source of distraction for users. Eye-catching videos, images, pictures of friends who are traveling, advertisements, music videos of your favorite groups, ... It's very easy to get distracted.

If you are going to look for work in social networks, focus on it and leave out all those publications that distract your goal, at least, in the time you are using to search for a job.

2. Use different social networks

As a job seeker, you have to be an active member in different social media. Not only will we focus on finding work through Facebook, we have other possibilities such as those offered by Linkedin, a social network increasingly used by companies to find the ideal candidates, or follow the employment and guidance blog they publish. Continuously job news and other valuable information.

3. Be careful with what you post in Social Networks

It is clear that social networks have been created to share and communicate. Now, be very careful with what you throw in your profile because it can turn against you.

The personnel of the human resources of the companies, take into account the social networks of the employees. Whether you are already working in a company or if you are looking for a job, keep an eye on what you post in your accounts.

4. Be active in your social networks

If you are an active person in social networks you will have more possibilities to find a job through them. It is not about opening a profile on a social platform and leaving it abandoned, you have to feed content to your profile and interact. Publish regularly, join groups, ask questions, interact with other people.

5. Build your personal brand

When you access certain profiles, you really know what that person represents. Creating a personal brand through your social networks is very good for recruiters to notice you. There is a lot of information about this on the internet and it is something that has to be worked on.

6. Social Networks as a means to investigate the company

Social networks are one of the best points to investigate a company. You can know about the workers of the same, to which the company is dedicated, know about the culture of it and see what they value.

Very important because this gives us information about the company in which we want to work. A few years ago, it was not possible to know about a company as much as now.

7. Networking

Use social networks to build a network of contacts. There are many counselors and recruiters who have profiles and blogs with which you can create a prior contact. If you are not on social networks, you will be losing chances of being hired.

8. Search for job offers

Many people use the employment web pages to look for work. It's great, for that they serve. Although you should also know that many companies are launching calls through their social networks.

This advice can put you ahead of many other people. If you like a company and want to work on it, follow it. Maybe the offer you want appears on your social networks.

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