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Do you think that once you finish college you will be hired by the company of your dreams? Although the answer is hard, you must understand that it will not be so easy. Job search is a process that takes time and can be exhausting.

You must anticipate how you will seek to be hired just after college graduation, arm yourself with patience, demonstrate your skills and make many contacts to increase your chances of finding a job.

Here are some tips you should follow if you want to get hired after college

1. Do not wait until graduation to begin your search for employment

It sounds obvious, but this is a common mistake. We usually tell us that we are very busy, which may be true, but we must do some time. Job search is a long process that requires patience. Start making post-university career plans as soon as possible.

2. Proof your skills

A resume can not say much, especially if you do not have much experience. Consider opening a blog, creating a website or making a video to showcase your specific talents. Adding "strong writing" to my resume is not as effective as showing the skills with concrete examples of your work. To really capture the attention of a company, try to make your site or blog designed specifically for your ideal job. This will give you the opportunity to show how much you have researched the company and the requirements of your desired position.

3. Be an active intern

Ask for the most difficult tasks. Offer your ideas, talk to your superiors and find a mentor. Know the descriptions of the entry positions in the company and work to obtain the necessary skills to get there. The experience of an internship is not enough; become indispensable.

4. Apply to high charges

Do not be afraid to apply for high positions. The fact that a job has specific requirements does not mean that it can not be a challenge to see how much you can do.

5. Network here, there and everywhere

The new graduates have an incredible variety of network tools at their disposal. Use each and every one of them. Maximize all possible resources. Optimize all social media pages to reflect your job search. Use your LinkedIn and Facebook contacts to connect with new people in your area or people who work in companies in which you are interested. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the network ends up on the computer.

Talk to as many people as you can, who may be able to help you. Use your internship, your work, your teachers and even your mom's friends. Job search is not the time to be shy.

6. Be a realistic dreamer

People always advise "do whatever you want" and students often apply this philosophy when deciding what to study. The truth is that some careers are more likely to lead to a job but there is the possibility of pursuing your dreams while remaining realistic. You have to find a way to do the work of your dreams in the real world. Do not wait for the perfect job to reach your lap. Work hard and do not abandon your dreams. 

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