5 Things that any recruiter needs to look for in CVs of candidates

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Missing periods are one of the five things a recruiter must take when scans the candidates' CVs.

An experienced recruiter evaluating candidates' CVs should consider five issues if he wants to be effective in his job, writes Forbes magazine.


A recruitment process can be shortened quite a bit if you choose to select candidates' CVs based on certain keywords. Experienced recruiters look for keywords such as "software", "programming language", "ACCA", "CIMA" or "data analysis" in the candidate's CVs. Each recruiter would be well advised to set up a search strategy in CVs for certain keywords so that they can ease their work and get the candidates they want to see in an interview.

Missing periods

Any shortage of a candidate's professional career would be indicated to raise some questions. A professional recruiter avoids rejecting a candidate's resume before considering the nature of periods of lack of experience in a career. A period of inactivity in the middle of an otherwise solid career path is less important than a period of recent inactivity. Also, a shortage of just a few months in a CV should not make you think too much. On the other hand, if you notice that a candidate has only six months or a year left in each of the jobs he has had so far, you should have a cautious attitude. However, it takes into account that employees up to 30-35 years of age tend to change their jobs more often in the current context of the global labor market.

Moreover, pay attention to the positions that the candidate held during his career. Even if he has not changed jobs, but has not moved on to the level of responsibilities or functions held, the candidate must make you watch things carefully because his progress may suggest a lack of progress.


Top schools, big companies, and successful startups should "jump" in your eyes right away if you have to scan tens or hundreds of job openings in the company you work for. In the case of a top position, faculty should not matter too much in choosing or rejecting a resume. Instead, if it is a fresh graduate, the name of the school finalized matters much more in the selection of the CV because a young person does not have too much work experience that he can mention in his career description.

Grammatical or spelling mistakes

If the job you are looking for is not a very rigid one, you can overlook one or two letters "eaten" by the candidate in the CV process. But, as a rule, spelling and grammatical mistakes show both the superficiality of the candidate and the lack of knowledge of the English language. Grammatical or spelling mistakes in candidates' CVs also suggest negligent or unprofessional people.


The potential of a candidate is not only due to the presence of relevant words in the CV, the fluency of jobs, the lack of grammatical and spelling errors or the brands of employing companies, but also the way in which the candidate manages to present his / her technical ability in relation to the soft skills. In addition, the aesthetic aspect (length, structure, formatting) of a CV is extremely important to highlight the potential of a candidate.

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