5 skills that any college graduate needs to have

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Foreign languages and work experience are two of the most important skills that need to be found in the resume of a fresh graduate looking for a job.

The labor market has become more and more competitive for fresh graduates. If you just finished high school or college and want to find a job, your resume needs five essential skills, according to The Guardian.

Ability to work with new technologies

An analysis by LinkedIn's Professional Social Network showed that each of the most important skills employers look for when engaging include technology-related skills. So a certification in Google Analytics or SEO can draw a recruiter's attention.

Learn a foreign language

Learning a foreign language can help you make it easier to talk to an employer, especially when it comes to a rare language.

Graduate degree

As a high school graduate, you are far less likely to get a job that will allow you to advance in your career and earn more money. A graduate enrollment can help you develop professionally.

Gain experience

Many candidates manage to finish the faculty with a very high score, so if you count among them, you may not have a high chance of hiring, because employers want to see in CVs "experience" also, not just very good grades in school. One of the best ways to get experience is to apply for an internship. Another may be volunteering in a non-governmental organization.

Don't say STOP to education

The preoccupation of learning continuously is one of the skills that should be as present in your fresh graduate CV. If you graduate, it does not mean you have to stop developing.

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