5 Secrets to Avoid the Job Hunt Burnout

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Do you find yourself staring at your inbox waiting for a response to a job application or gazing at your LinkedIn profile wondering where you are going wrong? If yes, it is time to take a step back and correct your ways before you lose your mind. 

Job hunts can emotionally drain you, leaving you frustrated and demotivated. Whether you’re stuck in a dead-end job and are looking out or are seeking your first break after college – the job hunt phase is a tiring one. It’s not easy to deal with rejections and unanswered e-mails day after day.

So, how does one stay positive in the midst of all this? Here are 5 secrets to avoid the job hunt burnout and not let it affect your mental health.

Get Feedback

If a considerable amount of time has passed since you had any positive reverts to your job applications, maybe it is time to get feedback from a peer or someone more experienced in your field. 

A lot of times we tend to develop a blind spot while working on our own resume, LinkedIn profile or cover letter. It is a good idea to get a fresh set of eyes to look at them and get a new perspective – something that you might have missed reading into.

Don’t be shy to reach out to someone for help – you never know what good can come out of it. 

Adopt a New Approach

So, you think you have tried everything but unfortunately haven’t reaped the benefits yet. Clearly, your present strategy isn’t working and needs a revamp.

Why not adopt a different approach this time? Step out of your comfort zone and start attending networking events, try getting face time with people who can help instead of sending them messages on LinkedIn or something as simple as making small changes to your resume or cover letter. 

It also helps to be organized in your job search and maintain a tracker – that way you know when to do timely follow-ups and can work around a more focused approach. 

Stay Healthy

Chances are you are getting obsessed with the job hunt and neglecting your health. From sleepless nights to lying on the couch applying to jobs the entire day – all of this speaks of a very unhealthy lifestyle you should avoid.

Yes, things don’t look rosy at the moment but that does not mean you don’t look after yourself. So, make sure you have a balanced diet, get plenty of sleep, exercise and also try meditating to take your mind off the stress. After all, nothing is worth your physical and mental health. 

Take Time Off

Does your day start and end with filling job applications? If yes, it is time to take some time off. Staying glued to job portals and endlessly waiting for reverts won’t help. 

Sometimes, all you need is to take a step back and give yourself a break from all the job hunting. Don’t let this phase make you miserable and take over your life. Use this time to focus on learning a new skill or indulging in hobbies that help you relax. 

You should also look at allotting a few hours of the day to job hunts – that way you can hunt for jobs all you want in those 2-3 hours and invest in more productive activities during the rest of the day.

Don’t Lose Hope

Last but not the least, don’t ever lose hope. We know it’s difficult to hold on to it in the midst of all the ‘negativity’ you are met within this phase but keep the hope strong and believe that things will work out eventually. Don’t let a few rejections and interviews affect your confidence. Look at every interview as a learning experience – if you don’t land the job, you learn from your mistakes and move on. 

Reach out to friends and family and involve them in what you are feeling. Don’t go through this phase alone and beat yourself over it. There is light at the end of every tunnel – all you got to do is believe. 

Author bio:

Adela Belin is the Head of Digital Marketing at Writers Per Hour. She creates content surrounding marketing with a focus on social media and digital marketing. Feel free to contact Adela on G+

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