4 Ways companies can become more socially responsible

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We are living in a day and age of corporate social responsibility. In fact, a lot of companies are using this as a way of marketing their business. Having a socially responsible company resonates well with the consumers and it also opens up a bigger market for the company itself. Of course, there are many different ways companies can be more socially responsible, they can vary in relation to size as well as industry. In this article, we will cover some of the best ways for a company to manifest its social responsibility.

Ethical labor practices

Fair and equal treatment of employees can go a long way in demonstrating a company's social responsibility. This is especially true for companies that have productions scattered across the globe. Different laws on labor in various developing countries might take some of the corporations down the wrong path that might end in the exploitation of the local workforce. This is by no means socially responsible behavior, and if discovered can cost the company a lot of money as well as loyal customers. This is why equal and humane treatment of all the employees regardless of the production location is a must if a company wants to market itself as a socially responsible one.

Environmental stands


Another great way to show your company is socially responsible is taking a stand and taking action when it comes to the environment. From minimizing the carbon footprint to showing your customers precise ways in which your company is benefiting the environment. For example, Organic Mountain produces organic food and offers their consumers the option of tracing the origin of their product all the way back to the farmers. That way you know that by purchasing their product you are helping a sustainable farm stay in business. Finally, there are the little things every company can do, like recycling, limiting the amount of pollution coming from their production and simply spreading global awareness on the environmental issues.

Philanthropic endeavors

For most companies, philanthropic work is a bragging right. However wrong this sounds they are still donating vast amounts of funds to different charities that really need the boost. And at the same time, they get great marketing out of it by having their name mentioned at different philanthropic events. Whether its climate change or refugee camps, every donation can make a big difference and is a great way to make your company more socially responsible. Whether it's giving back to the local community by financing playgrounds and recreational centers or doing something on a more global level like donating to organizations like Greenpeace and UNICEF. Either way, your work will not go unnoticed by your consumers, because they will feel like they have contributed a bit just by having bought some of your products.

Volunteer work


Donating funds is a great thing, but donating your time goes a long way. You can show your company’s social responsibility by opting to volunteer on various local community projects. Both owners and employees should join hands and work together to make a difference. Everyone knows how precious time is to any entrepreneur and often donating it has a much larger impact than donation just money. You are showing that you feel passionate about the social issue and that you are willing to help. This is a great win-win situation for both the company and the community.

These are just some of the ways companies can become more socially responsible. The best solution is taking a step back seeing what you want your company to be about and what values you, yourself want to promote, that is how you will know which socially responsible path or paths are most suited for your business.

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